NeoGames Studio Initiates eInstant Games Partnership with Atlantic Lottery

NeoGames S.A., a forward-thinking provider of comprehensive iLottery and iGaming solutions, has marked a substantial extension of its footprint in Canada, aligning with Atlantic Lottery (AL) to introduce its select eInstant games developed by NeoGames Studio.

This collaboration is facilitated via NeoPollard Interactive LLC (NPi), an entity jointly held by Pollard Banknote Limited and NeoGames S.A., recognized for powering some of the most efficient iLottery programs. This association equips AL with a spectrum of top-tier content curated by NeoGames Studio, enhancing AL’s digital content offering in what stands as NeoGames’ inaugural digital content partnership in the Canadian terrain.

Both AL and NeoGames Studio anticipate a collaborative approach, devising a strategy for the unveiling of subsequent games and technological augmentations.

By incorporating NeoGames’ avant-garde offerings, AL aims to enrich the gaming journey it curates for its patrons. Given its unique position as the sole licensed iLottery and iGaming operator in Atlantic Canada, AL delivers an array of digital amusement via its platform, establishing its stance as Canada’s preeminent eInstant game operator.

The integration of NeoGames Studio’s eInstant games suite signals an evolution in the Canadian lottery domain, positioning AL as the second lottery enterprise in Canada to embrace NeoGames’ expertise.

Hili Shakked, Managing Director of NeoGames Studio, said: “We are excited to announce the launch of NeoGames Studio’s premium eInstant titles with the Atlantic Lottery. The partnership is our first content-only deal in Canada, and it underscores our commitment to providing advanced solutions that meet the unique needs of our lottery customers.

“We are confident that our range of innovative games, such as Desert Fantasy, winner of the 2023 EGR North America Award for ‘Best New Game’, will enhance AL’s online footprint and attract new audiences, supporting the company’s growth in the iLottery market. It is a partnership designed to help AL maximize profitability and proceeds to good causes, while also providing players in Atlantic Canada with the best possible gaming experience.”

Robert Lalonde, Director of iGaming at Atlantic Lottery, said: “AL is thrilled to launch NeoGames Studio’s innovative content library to further enhance the digital gaming experience in Atlantic Canada. Through this partnership, we will expand our game content and broaden our appeal to players, while maintaining our commitment to responsible gambling.”

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