OddsMatrix Introduces Fast Markets for 2023-24 Football Season

OddsMatrix, a division of EveryMatrix, has released its ‘Fast Markets’ feature in anticipation of the 2023-24 football season. This feature provides operators with real-time betting options focused on specific in-game events.

Fast Markets offers sportsbooks a variety of in-game, time-sensitive betting opportunities as the new football season approaches in several leagues.

Operators can present different bet types over specific time intervals, such as 5, 10, and 15 minutes or on a continuous 5-minute basis. Betting options might include events like a goal scored within a certain timeframe by a team or predicting the outcome within that duration.

Initially, Fast Markets will be available for football, with plans to include other sports like basketball, tennis, and select U.S sports in future phases.

The trend of micro betting, which involves frequent, low-stake bets, is being integrated across various sports. This approach can provide operators with varied offerings and cater to an audience seeking quick betting options, potentially influencing player interaction and expenditure patterns.

Tor Skeie, CEO, OddsMatrix, said: “Fast, or micro markets are a subset of in-play betting that allows players to bet on individual moments in a game. This latest way to bet has grown sharply in popularity and, as always, we are ahead of the curve, offering our customers the latest betting products before this summer’s big kick-off across many football leagues.

“Fast Markets offers the real-time continuous betting opportunities of iGaming but with the skill of sports betting and we plan to build more betting options across many more sports in the coming months, particularly for U.S sports where tier-1 brands have already experienced significant increases in betting volumes as a result of micro betting.”

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