Operator Empowerment: WA.Technology Unveils WA.Affiliates

WA.Technology, an acclaimed B2B iGaming solutions provider, introduces WA.Affiliates, a cutting-edge iGaming affiliate management platform designed to elevate operator performance.

WA.Affiliates revolutionizes affiliate program management, offering operators a suite of tools for increased profitability, expanded market reach, and streamlined operations.

Featuring an intuitive user interface and sleek design, WA.Affiliates simplifies affiliate performance tracking. Built on real-time optimization and comprehensive analytics, the platform enables operators to enhance traffic, extend their market presence, and maximize revenue efficiently.

Key features include personalized affiliate agreements, integrated user tracking for actionable insights, and an iGaming-centric back-office. WA.Affiliates offers operators zero setup fees, seamless panel transitions, and integrated wallets for secure transactions and hassle-free migration.

Operators benefit from an intuitive dashboard configuration, providing effortless management and real-time support around the clock. Hourly insights, detailed reports, and comprehensive analysis empower data-driven decision-making, enhancing acquisition and retention strategies.

Moreover, WA.Affiliates incentivizes affiliates through a gamified system and delivers precise campaign performance metrics through intelligent user tracking, fostering a dynamic and engaging affiliate ecosystem.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, shared his enthusiasm for the launch, saying, “With WA.Affiliates, we’re forging a new path in the iGaming industry, creating a platform that not only meets but anticipates the needs of our partners. Our focus on innovation and customised solutions makes WA.Affiliates a key player in driving growth and profitability. We’re simplifying affiliate management to deliver tangible results, demonstrating our commitment to leading the way in digital excellence. At WA.Technology, we’re not just following the path to excellence – we’re creating it.”

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