Rise of the Machines: AI-Driven System Outclasses Standard CRM in First Ever Trial

A ground-breaking trial conducted by Artificial Intelligence expert Ibex.ai has generated 20 per cent more Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) using 17 per cent less bonus spend than a manual campaign conducted by a team using a well-known CRM supplier.

Their solution, using only artificial intelligence and unencumbered by traditional staffing costs, also produced 11 percent more revenue from new players when the two went head-to-head.

And an extra 7 percent was acquired from reactivated players, presenting a compelling set of results for casinos and sportsbooks looking to cut overheads and improve margins.

The trial, which was conducted over a two-month period, split players 50/50, with Ibex.ai taking even numbered player IDs and the incumbent supplier taking odd. The same actions were made available to both parties and, to avoid any anomalies, VIPs were excluded from the results.

Thomas Aigner, Head of Business Development at Ibex, who is offering free try-outs of the system, believes the eye-opening statistics will be welcome news to operators facing spiralling costs as they budget for 2023.

He added: “Our experiment, which is the first conducted in the industry, has proven conclusively that the technology at the core of our business is capable of generating significantly higher profits with considerably fewer costs.

“Lots of our rivals talk about automation but can only do this after implementing rule-based systems involving the likes of customer journeys and gamification. That isn’t self-learning, nor is it capable of 100 per cent automation.

“We are now calling on operators and suppliers to challenge us and test our solutions to find out for themselves the ease with which Ibex can improve profits and save money.”

Ibex’s system allows operators to introduce complete automation and personalisation to their player-focused campaigns should they desire it.

It also reduces overall costs as it doesn’t require a large CRM team, giving operators more time to think strategically and creatively, rather than being bogged down in an endless round of individual campaigns.

It currently supports 65 casino and sport brands with its CRM, with more than ten million players under its management.

The company is offering all new partners the opportunity to test their models through a three-month date exchange trial via their self-service portal that needs no integration.

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