Salsa Celebrates “Brazilianness” at Successful SBC Summit Latinoamérica

Salsa Technology has reported that the SBC Summit Latinoamérica, proved a resounding success. Besides allowing the company to showcase its cutting-edge products and services, Salsa featured an initiative that encapsulated Brazil’s DNA: the giveaway of wish ribbons from ‘Our Lord of Bonfim’. This tradition dates back to 1809 in Bahia, Brazil where the ribbons are believed to have the power to fulfil three wishes when they break.

Salsa’s star leadership team, including Founder Peter Nolte, Head of Marketing & Sales Eliane Nunes, and CTO Diego Mourglia, was on hand to conduct conversations around the initiative. There was plenty of debate about the ongoing Brazilian regulation and how our offering is ideal for businesses exploring the Brazilian opportunity.

Salsa’s Founder Peter Nolte commented: “It was brilliant to witness firsthand the global excitement surrounding Brazil’s upcoming gaming regulations and the momentum already building with state regulations. Seeing such enthusiasm for the evolution of our industry is truly inspiring.”

Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, Eliane Nunes said: “As a proud Brazilian, it was profoundly meaningful for me to share the richness of our culture and traditions at SBC Summit Latinoamérica. Meeting potential clients and partners while sharing our expertise was an unforgettable experience that underscored the universal language of collaboration and innovation.”

“Attending an event like this opens a window into the future as it’s where we can really appreciate the pulse of new technologies and sense the market’s demands, ensuring we’re plugged into the tech that is driving iGaming expansion:” added CTO Diego Mourglia.

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