Slots Alive! New Roads to Acquisition with Slots Temple

With a gross gambling yield of some £3.2 billion in 2023, the UK online slots market is a lucrative industry. But operators and developers in this key gaming sector face significant challenges. Players demand an exciting and ever-refreshing world of entertainment – and the shadow of new, more stringent, regulations looms large, writes iGF’s Lauren Harrison.

Amid this billion-pound industry, Slots Temple stands out as a trailblazer, offering innovative solutions to meet the changing standards of the market.

Established in 2015, Slots Temple is a leader in the UK online slots review, free-play, and Affiliate market.

In 2022, for example, Slots Temple became the first Affiliate site in the UK to receive an operator licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and ventured into real-money gaming.

Rather than following the well-worn route of cost-heavy acquisition through bonuses, Slots Temple has crafted a unique value proposition that has transformed tournament play in the UK by offering onsite cash prizes in free tournaments.

Today, iGF has the privilege of speaking with Fraser Linkleter, the mastermind behind the marketing operations at Slots Temple. Fraser shares his invaluable insights about the new attitudes to player acquisition and the strategic decision to leave the bonus behind, the effective use of AI, and the successful synergy between human and automated business processes.

Before working at Slots Temple, he held positions at Boylesports and JackpotJoy, where he headed the gaming, and casino and slots departments, respectively.

We kicked off by asking Fraser:

As the online slots market continues to grow in popularity and becomes increasingly competitive, do you think it’s still as effective to rely on bonus promotion as the main tool for acquisition, especially as players in mature markets are becoming more savvy?

“The practice of offering bonus promotions has become a costly affair for many gaming operators. These promotions, while effective in attracting new sign-ups, often draw in players who are more interested in the perks than in long-term engagement with the brand.

“This trend has led to a significant financial burden for operators as the expenses associated with these promotions continue to rise.

“Moreover, the regulatory landscape is changing, with authorities in the UK and other jurisdictions implementing stricter controls over the use of welcome and loyalty bonuses. “This shift indicates that operators must start thinking ahead and exploring alternative strategies for customer acquisition that do not rely on bonuses.

“The industry finds itself in a precarious situation. There is a collective desire among operators to move away from bonus-driven acquisition tactics. However, the competitive nature of the market makes this challenging. When rival companies are aggressively using bonuses to lure new players, it becomes a risky move for any single operator to abandon such strategies unilaterally.

“Slots Temple, however, occupies a unique and advantageous position. Unlike many of our competitors, we have never relied on bonus promotions as a primary means of attracting new players. This independence from the industry’s norm allows us to focus on building lasting relationships with our players through a unique product and exceptional gaming experience rather than transient financial incentives.”

What are your thoughts on new tech, such as AI? How can new tech-driven products like this be best leveraged to help gaming platforms such as Slots Temple?

“The integration of AI and other cutting-edge technologies into gaming platforms like Slots Temple offers a plethora of opportunities to revolutionise the industry. However, it’s essential to recognise that these tools are not replacements for the invaluable human element. The synergy between AI and human expertise is crucial for achieving optimal success.

“For instance, AI’s capability to detect patterns that may suggest problem gambling is vital for Responsible Gaming initiatives. It can trigger timely automated interventions, such as messages and alerts. Yet, the role of dedicated customer operations teams in actively monitoring player behaviour and engaging with them directly remains irreplaceable. These teams provide a level of understanding and empathy that AI cannot replicate, ensuring a supportive environment for players.

“Content creation is another area where AI is making inroads. Some operators are leveraging AI to generate content, which can be beneficial in terms of efficiency. Nevertheless, the quality, relevance, and timeliness of content crafted by skilled copywriters are unmatched. Human creativity and contextual understanding are still paramount in producing content that resonates with players.

“By strategically implementing these technologies, brands such as Slots Temple can enhance the player experience, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry, but only when used hand-in-hand with real-life people!”

Slots Temple is renowned for its highly popular and engaging player tournaments. What are the key benefits of these tournaments, and what extra value do they bring for operators and players?

“Slots Temple Tournaments have become a cornerstone of their unique value proposition, offering a fun and cost-effective way for players to engage with their favourite games.

“The competitive aspect of the tournaments, coupled with the leaderboards, adds an extra layer of excitement beyond the games themselves. The tournaments provide a platform where players can enjoy their preferred games with minimal financial commitment, making gaming more accessible to a broader audience. Players appreciate the chance to participate in games without the pressure of high stakes, allowing them to focus on the fun and social aspects of gaming.

“We then give players the opportunity to go on to play those games for real, whether at Slots Temple, in the UK, or at our partner operators. However, this isn’t a prerequisite for enjoying our tournaments, meaning players get the best of both worlds. Tournaments deliver highly engaged traffic to real money games, offering a great source of player acquisition.

“Slots Temple Tournaments are a win-win for both players and operators. They offer a low-barrier entry to high-quality gaming and the chance for players to win prizes, all while providing operators with a platform delivering highly engaged and loyal players.”

Slots Temple became the first UK Affiliate marketing site to offer cash prizes for free tournaments last year after being awarded a licence by the UKGC. What was the driving force behind this decision, and how do you think a business model like this will impact the affiliate market going forward?

“As an Affiliate, Slots Temple consistently prioritised safer gambling practices and adherence to UKGC regulations. Obtaining a UKGC licence was a strategic step in reinforcing this commitment. By aligning with regulatory standards, Slots Temple has bolstered player trust and ensured a secure and fair gaming environment.

“The introduction of cash prize tournaments has been a game-changer for Slots Temple, creating a distinct identity that resonates with players seeking both excitement and value.

“This innovative approach not only fosters a dedicated and loyal community but also cements our reputation as a trailblazer in player-focused experiences. The expansion into real money slots for our UK audience is a direct result of this strategic initiative, further propelling our business forward.

“Holding a UKGC licence is not merely a regulatory compliance achievement; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing a secure and responsible gaming environment.

“It’s a badge of honour that signifies trust and quality, opening doors to new opportunities and affirming our position as a safe haven for slot enthusiasts.”

Editor’s Note:

Strategic and straightforward, Fraser Linkleter has all his cards in order. He leads in a company known as a “trailblazer in player-focused experiences”, whose reputation is built on years of trust established as a responsible and legitimate affiliate site.

Slots Temple wears its UKGC licence as a “badge of honour that signifies trust and quality”.

Under Linkleter’s marketing lead, the company is right on trend and at the forefront of employing new and more responsible acquisition techniques and operational strategies across both the Affiliate and real-money sectors.

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