SOFTSWISS Picks as Esports Betting Provider

SOFTSWISS successfully launched its Sportsbook platform at the end of 2020. Now that they have consolidated a solid portfolio of clients, SOFTSWISS has decided to enhance their offerings with the leading esports betting solutions provider SOFTSWISS clients will now have access to the most engaging esports offering. will provide their odds feed and risk management solutions for esports titles such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Dota 2. As esports continues to grow, top platform providers such as SOFTSWISS are investing in esports-centric solutions that combine robust technology with the expertise required from a complex esports ecosystem.

‘’Esports betting is the most exciting vertical for sportsbooks in the upcoming years. We spent a lot of time analyzing the different esports betting providers operating in the industry, and we couldn’t be happier to seal a partnership with The quality of the odds is superior, with the highest uptime we have found. We are also very demanding in terms of risk management. Esports titles are very complex, and we needed a partner that could manage the risk with the highest standards of quality. We can’t wait to launch’s product on our platform.’’ said Aleksander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

Marek Suchar, Managing Director of, stated: ‘’We are proud to partner with such a respected and successful brand in the industry such as SOFTSWISS. Since their Sportsbook platform launch, they have been looking into offering the best products available. This is no different with esports betting, as more and more operators are requesting a solution that is engaging enough to attract a new generation of bettors. With our odds feed and risk management solutions, we are sure SOFTSWISS clients will be delighted’’.

This partnership is more evidence of the gigantic rise in the interest in esports betting solutions. is established as a leading company in this regard, offering the highest quality not only of odds feed solutions, but also taking care of risk management for their partners. With this partnership, will reach multiple new operators that will finally have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing interest in esports betting solutions.

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