South Korean Team Snowball and Bayes Esports Sign 3-Year Strategic Partnership

Bayes Esports, provider of official esports live data and services, and Team Snowball, the leading esports technology and solutions company in South Korea, have announced a first-of-its-kind partnership. The strategic partnership provides the framework for further global expansion of both partners. Team Snowball is Bayes Esports’ exclusive solutions and distribution partner in South Korea.

First-of-its-kind partnership to enable global expansion

The partnership marks the first time Bayes Esports has assigned an international company as a solutions and distribution partner, with Team Snowball exclusively representing Bayes Esports in the coveted South Korean esports market. The two companies will work together to expand Bayes Esports’ efforts and growth within South Korea. Both partners will collaboratively work to develop innovative and market-defining solutions for the global esports industry. Furthermore, both are looking to connect each other’s networks in Europe and Asia to foster business opportunities within the esports tech ecosystem. This partnership comes as a regional power play on the heels of Bayes Esports’ lead investor BITKRAFT announcing Jin Oh, former President at Riot Games, as Partner in the region.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with such a talented and driven team”, says Amir Mirzaee, Managing Director & CCO, Bayes Esports. “South Korea has always played a leading and integral role in taking esports to the mainstream with globally influential organizations such as the LCK and KeSPA. And while the US and Europe have caught up in that respect, building a bridge and being a connector of these ecosystems across the globe is something that only very few companies achieve. We see it as a privilege to be supported by top partners like Team Snowball and BITKRAFT in our endeavor to work with the regional power houses.”

Team Snowball, South Korea’s leading company in esports technology and solutions

Team Snowball is South Korea’s leading esports technology and solutions company. It represents the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) as the official esports data partner, and provides data services to the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Nongshim Redforce and Korea’s National Esports Team. Through their cutting-edge technology and their ties to key players in esports’ most crucial market, Team Snowball have established themselves as central figures in the further development and professionalization of League of Legends in Korea. In 2021, Team Snowball has procured investment from South Korea’s leading esport private equity fund, ATU Partners, whose portfolio includes own League of Legends World Championship winning team DRX and OP.GG.

Taek Lee, Team Snowball’s COO, states: “Everyone here at Team Snowball is thrilled at the opportunity to work with Bayes Esports as the exclusive solutions and distributions partner in South Korea to bring true innovations to the esports tech ecosystem. The esports data scene has never seen as many layers of challenges and opportunities as today. I believe we can build the industry standards together since both companies complement each other with sharp regional and product focuses. With this first-in-kind partnership, we plan to accelerate the global rollout of our fan engagement solutions such as WagerCast and EsportsCast and to support Bayes Esports in the South Korean market endeavors.”

South Korea is the original capital of the global esports market

South Korea is often referred to as the mecca of esports. Its innovation and popularity have largely been driven by titles such as StarCraft in the late 90s to now by leagues such as the LCK, PUBG Korea League and the globally highest viewed esports event, the League of Legends World Championship, which is set to make its return to South Korea in 2023. Having recognized the potential of esports at a very early stage, South Korea was the first country in the world to establish an official esports association (KeSPA). As a result, South Korea has turned into the role model for excellence in esports across the globe.

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