Stakelogic Introduces New Progressive Live Jackpot Feature

Stakelogic, a leading provider in the igaming industry, has announced the introduction of its latest innovation, the “Progressive Live Jackpot,” building on the significant success of its initial offering, the “Spin To Win” jackpot. This development underscores Stakelogic’s dedication to enhancing the igaming experience, catering to player preferences with superior gaming solutions.

The “Progressive Live Jackpot” distinguishes itself through a captivating gameplay experience. Participants are transported to a Live Dealer Studio, heightening the excitement and engagement of the game. The focal point is a wheel, segmented into various cash prizes and a singular, highly sought-after jackpot section. Achieving the jackpot segment propels the player to a subsequent wheel, categorized into Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots, each presenting an opportunity for considerable winnings. This layered approach not only augments the entertainment value but also significantly elevates the prospects of securing substantial jackpot rewards, making every spin a moment of potential transformation.

Scheduled to debut with Stakelogic’s “Crazy Bulldog” classic slot, the “Progressive Live Jackpot” feature is set to expand across a total of 40 games in the near future. Stakelogic’s commitment to innovation continues to set benchmarks in the igaming sector, merging traditional gameplay with novel, lucrative gaming experiences. As the igaming community explores “Crazy Bulldog,” anticipation builds for the next monumental jackpot victory, solidifying Stakelogic’s position as a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge gaming adventures.

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic said: “We are thrilled to introduce our second live jackpot “Progressive Live Jackpot”. Following the success of Spin To Win, it was a natural progression for us to develop this new and improved jackpot system.

At Stakelogic, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in online gaming, providing our players with unparalleled experiences that are both engaging and rewarding.”

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