KSA and Facebook Partner to Tackle Illegal Lottery

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) will now report illegal lotteries to Facebook.

Any violation will see Facebook remove the Facebook group in which the lottery takes place. Facebook has a typical procedure for this.

For some time now, the KSA has been receiving reports about illegal online lotteries, which are mainly organized via Facebook. These are known as ‘dipping’ or diplotries.

The KSA started thirteen investigations in recent months. In search of the most effective way to act, the KSA reached out to Facebook.

Facebook does not want to provide an opportunity for illegal activities; the Ksa and Facebook are therefore cooperating in combating illegal gambling promotion or activities.

If the KSA reports an illegal lottery to Facebook because Dutch law is being violated, Facebook can remove the group in question by following its own guidelines.

The KSA has already registered several groups with Facebook, and after inspection, Facebook removed these groups. This is the fastest and most effective way to stop violations of the Gambling Act.

Games of chance, such as lotteries, where participation must be paid for, may only be offered if a license has been granted. It is not possible to obtain a permit if there is a commercial objective; the law says that at least 40 percent of the proceeds should go to charity.

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