ThrillTech Launches First Product – ThrillPots Jackpot System

ThrillTech, the new iGaming tech company founded by former Co-Founder Benjamin Bradtke and fellow industry technologists and investors, announces its first product, ThrillPots, an incredibly powerful and flexible jackpot server solution for both operators and game studios alike.

ThrillTech as a company aims at providing gaming and engagement technology for maximised performance in the gaming industry serving all stakeholders in the iGaming ecosystem.

“We have spent the last nine months working on designing and implementing scalable architecture and systems which will allow our clients to enjoy the full suite of our products through a single integration layer”, states Bradtke.

Using modern technology that enables scalability at the lowest cost and industry-experience driven consulting, ThrillPots is offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or self-hosted solution, offering the highest level of security and privacy for clients since data doesn’t leave the operator’s datacenter. ThrillPots also runs on a consumption-based model in contrast to the industry standard rev share model, looking to provide superior value to clients.

Features include intelligent & self-sustaining (re-) seeding mechanics, flexible payout mechanics, sophisticated jackpot freespin functionality, powerful segmentation capabilities, extensive tipping point mechanics (probability-, time-, value- or hybrid-based), enhanced contribution split management, jackpot types (local/network/global) and much more.

ThrillPots also supports game studios and providers who do not have their own jackpot technology to provide the thrill of jackpots directly from within their games. The system supports both mystery and symbol-based jackpots.

While the system supports the traditional overlaying of jackpots for games, ThrillPots delivers further flexibility by being able to provide jackpots over any player-interaction, regardless of which product vertical is being used.

Bradtke says “We are very excited about the potential ways our partners will use the ThrillPots technology, be it to serve affiliate jackpots, happy hour jackpots, VIP jackpots, sporting event jackpots and so on. The possibilities are endless.”

ThrillPots is currently being integrated with a number of early adopting platforms and operators and will be going live with its first clients in the coming weeks. Bradtke closes by saying “ThrillPots is just the start of our product vision and strategy to deliver engaging and performance-enhancing solutions to our partners at a feature and value level that will be hard to beat.”

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