Tornado Games Partners with First Look Games Platform

Tornado Games has entered into a partnership with First Look Games. This collaboration allows Tornado Games to establish a dedicated library on the First Look Games platform. This library will house specific game details and assets, enabling approved affiliates to access and download this content for promotional purposes.

Within the library, resources such as game sheets, logos, images, videos, and demo games will be available. These demo games include age verification via 1account, aligning with the requirements of certain regulated markets.

The First Look Games platform provides a feature known as the Studio Management Centre, granting studios the ability to manage the dissemination of their game information. Through this, studios can manage aspects like jurisdictional access for their games.

Security remains a primary concern for First Look Games, ensuring all stored assets and information benefit from protective measures, including the use of Cloudflare’s firewall systems. Studios can dictate specific user access to their content. The platform also has an automated tool to detect and correct content inaccuracies.

Through this partnership, Tornado Games aims to increase its presence within the industry by leveraging the affiliate network.

Elliot Resnick, Managing Director of First Look Games, said: “Tornado Games is a great addition to our growing roster of studio partners. When it comes to game promotion, there is no other platform that offers the tools and features developers need to engage players and operators while still ensuring security and compliance.

“Tornado has already made its mark on the industry with its games popular with players but by joining First Look Games it can turbocharge the promotion and marketing of its titles, taking it from rising star to power player.”

Julia Weygandt, COO at Tornado Games, added: “We are incredibly excited to have joined First Look Games and to be able to use its platform and suite of tools and features to promote our growing portfolio of slots to players via affiliates.

“We see affiliates as a powerful marketing channel for our games, and with First Look Games we can engage affiliates directly and ensure they have the information and assets they need to create quality, accurate content for their readers.”

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