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Nowadays mobile phones are used for everything from social media to photo editing, from shopping to dating apps like Tinder. Mobile betting, however, might surprise many people with its figures. Around 55% of bettors use their mobile devices to bet online. Consider that over 26% of the population gamble, and try to guess how many people around you are betting at the very moment while looking at their phones.

Uplatform, the dynamic sports betting and casino operating platform, states that 70% of online betting revenue is derived from mobile devices in 2020 alone. It includes various verticals of this market, for example, sports betting, casino, bingo, lotteries, and poker games, among many others.

Who, where, and why?

Access to the internet via mobile phones makes online betting accessible to nearly everyone. The Gambling Commission reported that in 2020 the most common method of accessing online betting remained mobile phones, particularly among younger adults under 35 years of age.

Men and women bet online in nearly equal numbers, with 56%  of men and 44% of women betting online. Interesting to note is that female bettors tend to use mobile devices more frequently than male bettors. Approximately 55% of women bet using their mobile devices.

Why players prefer to bet via mobile?

There is no doubt that convenience is the answer to this question. Betting on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular among players because mobile phones are faster, easier to use, and always on hand, unlike computers, and also do not require taking time to plan a trip to the bet shop. Thanks to smartphones, players can enjoy casino games and bet online from almost anywhere and at any time, thanks to increasing coverage of fast and cheap 5G connections.

Starlink, a venture from Elon Musk that aims to sell internet connections to anyone on the planet by way of a growing network of private satellites orbiting overhead, is going to help contribute increase the number of bettors worldwide. It is now available in 32 countries around the world and plans to cover the whole planet by the end of 2022. Because the service uses satellites, rather than mobile phone towers or fibre-to-the-node broadband coverage, it means customers can connect to the internet in even the most remote areas. Users will able to get a more-than-decent Internet speed in the range of 80-120 Mbps which is suitable for browsing the web and running high-resolution videos streaming platforms and popular games even if they live on the tree house in the middle of nowhere or being on the trip in Sahara desert.

One quite intersting point with mobile being so transportable, is the majority of mobile players still prefer to play at home. What could be more comfortable than playing online from the privacy of your own home? If not home, then where else? Below you’ll find the answer.

In many developing countries around the world, mobile betting is the only way to enjoy iGaming. The low cost of mobile phones and affordable internet access has made it the favorite and most popular way to join online betting. For example, in Kenya, 88% of players have used their mobile devices for placing bets or playing casino games.

Mobile betting via smartphones and tablets is also on the rise in Europe.. In 2019, about 44.6% of the betting activities were on such devices. In 2021, the share increased to 50.5% and by 2026 it’s projected to reach 61.5%.

As you can see the increasing adoption of smartphones with improved internet accessibility is driving the iGaming market Globally, the average use of mobile devices compared to desktop computers or laptops is significantly greater.

The Role of Mobile Apps in the Future of the Betting Industry

When it comes to mobile betting, it hasn’t been a new development that has happened in recent years. Incredibly it has truly been 20 years in the making! Did you know? The first online casinos for mobiles were installed on the first generation of Nokia phones.

It’s actually true. When the first Nokia phones were released in the early 2000s, the first mobile casinos also emerged. But it wasn’t until iOS and Android were launched that the industry had seen massive growth, as shown in many of iGaming stats.

The App Store and Google Play Store forever changed the landscape of mobile betting.

Growth in the mobile online gaming sector is a result of multiple factors. Let’s have a look at the most prominent driving force – Apps.

It goes without saying that the casino games and apps themselves are at the center of the iGaming experience. The true potential of online gaming was unveiled with the launch of the first online casinos and since then a lot has changed. Casino games in the digital realm are very dynamic which is one of the reasons why they have been so good at adapting to advancements in mobile technology.

Today, many betting companies are starting to release their native apps that focus on offering their services to the mobile market. It’s no longer enough for betting companies to have a mobile browser-friendly website. Most players now prefer downloading a mobile app whether they want to play casino games or place bets on any sport. Especially at a time when people’s attention spans are shortening, dependable mobile applications with their clear live streaming and mobile-optimized interfaces, guarantee the most enjoyable betting experience for players and higher profits for operators.

To ensure all players and markets are accommodated, Uplatform offers its customers not only the full and light web versions of betting websites, but also develops fast, flexible, secure and user-friendly applications, that have all the necessary functionalities and meet the requirements of the modern iGaming market, and satisfy their players


There are no more doubts that mobile is the future of betting. When we say we can’t live without our mobile phones, most of us really mean it.

That is why the entire team at Uplatform is on a quest to provide the very best to their clients when it comes to mobile betting. Not only through cutting-edge immersive gaming experiences for their players. But also through localized mobile convenience by adapting to the needs of world regions lacking in digital infrastructure. What makes Uplatform significantly stand out from the rest of the betting platforms is that their products are built with a results-driven approach and the process of customer journey in mind, this approach helps to guide the player through the registration process promptly and efficiently. Activey engaging players to bet fast and effectively, and providing 35%+ conversion rate and higher.

Find out more on uplatform.com how to expand your business via mobile betting.

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