There’s big news for gaming in the vast virgin market of Central Asia.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is now poised to launch its own national lottery.

And it’s looking for a dedicated single-lottery entrepreneur to show it the way to riches.

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has sanctioned a so-called Capital Markets Development Agency to explore the wider issues and benefits of lotto gaming.

In an official statement, the government said it had “formed a composition” to   select a single lottery operator for the nation, which is a member of the Russia-dominated, nine member, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The agency is now gathering input from key ministries–such as Trade, Foreign Investment, The Treasury, Sports, law, Health and the country’s Olympic Committee–to “define the main tasks in the field of lottery organisation,” reads the statement.

Each ministry has submitted its demands and requirements on how the lottery should best be organised, with particular emphasis on potential social, healthcare, sports, educational and cultural benefits.

One rock-steady goal is to ensure that at least 60 per cent of all lottery income is earmarked and used for social good.

Uzbek Prime Minister Abdulla Nigmatovich Aripov has been nominated as lottery overseer, while Atabek Nazirov has been named as Director-General of the Capital Markets Agency.

This will be the first time that legal gambling has come to Uzbekistan since it gained its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.

Ilya Machavariani, Head of the Eastern European Practice Group for Dentons, commented: “We have been monitoring Uzbekistan legalisation for quite some time.

“For now, it seems that the Agency is responsive to the industry experts and that it is seeking to implement the very best international practices.”







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