Videoslots Partners with Coast is Clear to Support Environmental Initiatives in Malta

Leading casino operator,, has announced its partnership with Coast is Clear, a Malta-based clean-up organisation, to support its efforts in clearing the seas around the island from plastic waste and planting trees across the country.

Coast is Clear, which was founded in May 2021, is committed to working with Videoslots and its 250+ staff to improve the environment and raise awareness among the island’s inhabitants through various initiatives.

As part of the sponsorship, Videoslots will organize clean-up events and tree-planting activities that its employees can participate in to help sustain the environment.

Through this collaboration, Videoslots aims to demonstrate its commitment to supporting community initiatives and promoting environmental sustainability.

Ulle Skottling, Deputy CEO at Videoslots commented, “The work that Coast is Clear does is of great benefit for the environment in Malta. It is important for companies like Videoslots to support them.

“We love living and working in Malta and are lucky to do, so we need to look after it for generations to come. Here at Videoslots, we are happy that we can do something concrete to help make Malta a cleaner and greener place for everyone. ”

Mark Galea Pace, Founder at Coast is Clear added, “We are grateful for the support offered by Videoslots and its employees, who share our commitment to keeping our islands and the seas around them clean.

“There is much more we can all do as individuals to maintain that pledge, but the generosity of successful companies provides an additional and much welcome boost.”

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