Finding The iGaming Balance in LatAm: Speed to Market vs Product Quality

Understand the needs of the Latam iGaming market

As new opportunities for digital growth continue to emerge around the world, Latin America has quickly established itself as an iGaming hotbed.

Many international operators are keen to launch in this region but the inherent lack of operational agility and local market knowledge can be major hurdles to overcome. Especially in the case of Latin America where the infrastructure and business culture is so different when compared to more established regions across Europe.

Fear of market saturation and an innate eagerness to grow means that operators will want to develop and launch products as soon as possible.

However, many would argue that speed to market doesn’t always equal success.

Creating tailored products for this region that are robust enough to stand the test of time, whilst continuing to provide the highest level of customer experience will always be a challenge.

In this Roundtable, we have gathered some of the leading minds from this region to discuss the merits of speed to market compared to creating the perfect betting product.

Is one aspect more important than the other and how can operators find the perfect balance that will allow them to enter Latin America as efficiently and timely as possible?

By watching this essential roundtable, you will discover:

  • Finding the right partners
  • Product development
  • Market opportunities and projections
  • Localisation
  • Sourcing local talent
  • Customer Acquisition

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Meet our Expert Speakers

Gonzalo Perez


Sebastián Salazar Bastidas

General Manager

Alex Leese

Pronet Gaming

Enrique Romero

Head of Marketing
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