The Future of Latin American Gaming: Achieving a Robust Online Offering

Understand the future of the Latin American iGaming Market

As key markets in the LatAm region continue to open up, offering an abundance of online growth opportunities, specifically in countries like Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, how can operators ensure they provide a sustainable online product?

With so many digital solutions to choose from, it can be increasingly challenging to find the best fit for your operation’s needs whilst mitigating the risk of making costly mistakes.

This session will explore exactly what key elements are critical in providing a robust online offering for the LatAm market and how they can add true value to the customer, ensuring long term growth for the operator.

By watching this essential roundtable, you will discover:

  • The importance of player behaviour triggers
  • Effective CRM strategies
  • Providing a tailored customer journey
  • Player retention and extended player cycles
  • Localisation

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Meet our Expert Speakers

Pedro Extremera

Regional Director

Fernando Garita

Head of Business Development

 Leandro Rivas

Business Manager

Thomas Carvalhaes

Regional Director
Hero Gaming

Juan Pablo Uribe Padilla

Business Manager
Solbet Peru