White Label Casinos Advocates for MSPCA Through Spicy Challenge

In a unique charity initiative, White Label Casinos, a prominent provider of white-label solutions within the iGaming sector, recently spotlighted the Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) through an intriguing challenge.

CEO Phil Pearson and Business Development Manager Oliver Mitchell represented the company in the inaugural “DUCK, That’s Hot! – Hot Wing Challenge.” This event, reminiscent of the popular YouTube series, Hot Ones, featured the duo navigating through 10 intensely spicy sauces. Together, these sauces boasted a combined heat of several million Scovilles, a standard measure of spiciness in peppers and similar foods.

While braving the heat, Pearson and Mitchell endeavored to tackle a series of provocative iGaming topics. Discussions ranged from concerns over industry awards, the increasing UK black market, to pressing questions on how the iGaming sector can enhance its philanthropic efforts and positively impact local communities.

The entertaining video serves more than mere entertainment. At its heart, White Label Casinos’ primary goal was to amplify visibility for the MSPCA, an organization that holds significant importance for the team.

The MSPCA has been a stalwart in Malta’s animal welfare scene for over 120 years. As the nation’s most established shelter for cats and dogs, the MSPCA extends its reach beyond just rehoming. The charity has evolved into a comprehensive animal welfare entity, orchestrating campaigns, education initiatives, and actively championing animal rights and overall well-being.

CEO of White Label Casinos Phil Pearson explained the company’s stance on CSR and invited others to take on the DUCK That’s Hot! – Hot Wing challenge: “People wonder why we are doing so much for charity. The truth is that this is a cause we really care about, we like doing things to break the mould, even if it almost causes heartburn due to the cumulative spice levels of 10 hot sauces burning your oesophagus.

“The reason we post so much about our CSR efforts is to get others to do more. We have raised more than 25,000EUR in a short period of time for local charities. Creating this challenge and filming it isn’t about social media clout, it’s about doing something fun and encouraging others to do the same, for a great cause.

“So why don’t you come and risk your stomach lining for good? Join the challenge and donate; people have done worse for a lot less.”

Oliver Mitchell, Business Development Manager at White Label Casinos added: “Being given the opportunity to put the infamous LinkedIn Phil Pearson through his paces with uncomfortable questions and 10 incredibly spicy sauces was an opportunity I was never going to pass up.

“Speaking of heat, this serves as a fantastic reminder that we’ll be in sunny Spain next week for SBC Barcelona, so if you’re looking to develop a one-of-a-kind casino, why not get in touch and book some time in my diary? I’d love to speak to you!”

Visit https://whitelabelcasinos.com/duck-thats-hot-mpsca-fundraiser/ to watch the infamous DUCK, That’s Hot! challenge and https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/karen-jones-75?utm_term=JKE43BJn5 to make a donation to the MSPCA.

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