Xprizo Launches to Make iGaming Payments Easier

The range of growth opportunities that are on offer within emerging markets across the globe is an exciting prospect for ambitious iGaming operators in the industry.

However, in order to ensure success in these markets, effective management of payments and KYC will be essential. As more innovative and new fintech products continue to emerge in the market, operators have the opportunity to satisfy the nuanced needs of players in less mature markets around the world.

We caught up with Richard Mifsud, CEO of leading Fintech firm, Xprizo to find out how the iGaming industry can take the best advantage of new payment products and most importantly, how they can be leveraged to help develop brands in emerging markets.

How does Xprizo’s launch signal a transformative shift in frictionless transactions for the iGaming industry?

“Xprizo brings a breath of fresh air to a challenging landscape where traditional banking options are increasingly difficult for operators to use. Compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and high-risk designations often make it nearly impossible for transactions to go through, even via card payments. Integrating local payment methods can also be problematic without a local business entity.

“By integrating with Xprizo, operators gain access to an array of payment methods, cash points, and banking options across all the territories we serve. We onboard merchants following standard due diligence checks, and after that, we offer a seamless operational experience. Our platform caters to a diverse range of merchants, including local retail businesses, online stores, and iGaming clients.”

With headquarters in Abu Dhabi and offices in emerging markets like Nairobi, what unique advantages does Xprizo bring to the global iGaming landscape?

“Having our headquarters in Abu Dhabi positions us advantageously to understand business realities in emerging markets like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The UAE is emerging as a hub for innovation, attracting talents in AI, FinTech, and space exploration, among other fields. This makes it easy to engage with like-minded individuals committed to global progress, particularly for underserved communities. Xprizo aims to be a transformative part of this ecosystem.”

As a payment service aggregator consolidating popular platforms such as Mpesa, how does Xprizo aim to revolutionise the way iGaming platforms handle transactions, and what impact will this have on customer retention?

“It’s all about convenience and state-of-the-art service. Our single API provides access to multiple payment options, allowing our merchant partners to focus on their core business. We handle the complexity of payment transactions, ensuring a quick and seamless user experience. This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases retention rates.”

Xprizo is designed to complete transactions in as few as three clicks. How will this ease of use contribute to the future trends of consumer behaviour within the iGaming sector?

“Our design philosophy prioritises user-friendliness without compromising on security. Unlike other platforms that appear complex to demonstrate their reliability, we believe that ease of use is key to a pleasant user experience. Our interface is designed to be intuitive, enabling even those with limited technical know-how to navigate easily. We’re confident that Xprizo will set a new benchmark for user experience in fintech wallets.”

A consistent issue that arises from working within emerging markets is connectivity with customers. How does Xprizo break down these barriers?

“We address this challenge on multiple fronts. For one, we maintain a physical presence in all territories where we operate. This allows us to continuously gauge the societal pulse and gather valuable feedback for product improvement. On the technical side, our product is optimised for low-bandwidth conditions and can maintain transaction integrity even when connectivity is unstable.

“We’ve developed proprietary technology specifically for the unique challenges of emerging markets, rather than retrofitting existing solutions. This is a crucial detail that many companies overlook. When you’re dealing with unique conditions in places like Africa or Southeast Asia, you can’t merely adapt existing solutions—you have to build from the ground up, and that’s precisely what we’ve done.”

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Richard, it’s clear that the challenging landscape synonymous with emerging markets has now been made significantly easier for operators to navigate.

Common issues such as compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and high-risk designations often make it nearly impossible for transactions to go through, which negatively impact the customer experience.

However, now with great new fintech such as  Xprizio,  operators can gain access to an array of payment methods, cash points, and banking options across all the territories. This will open up the world of iGaming for players who usually have difficulty using these platforms, in turn helping to push the global iGaming market to new levels and ensuring a sustainable future for the industry. Exciting times ahead!

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