Xprizo Launches to Revolutionise the Future of iGaming Fintech

Xprizo, a cutting-edge fintech platform, has officially launched to offer frictionless transactions and user experiences across multiple sectors, with an amazing offering to the betting and iGaming industry. The technology provides an exceptional product and unlocks markets previously inaccessible due to a lack of payment solutions.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi and featuring local offices in core markets such as Nairobi, Xprizo offers a streamlined wallet solution and payment aggregation technology for instant peer-to-peer and online payments. With a user-friendly design that ensures online transactions in as few as three clicks, Xprizo is set to raise the bar significantly when it comes to the end-user experience in the fintech space.

For merchants, including online gaming platforms, integration with Xprizo guarantees a seamless and superior customer experience. Additionally, Xprizo serves as a payment service aggregator, consolidating popular platforms such as Mpesa in Kenya and many others into a single interface.

The service is designed to make payments as convenient as possible. After choosing Xprizo from an operator’s payment options, a user can simply click on “Pay by Xprizo,” either scan a QR code or enter their user ID, and click proceed. Within the Xprizo app, the user will be prompted to verify the transaction, before completion.

As an inclusive platform, Xprizo doesn’t discriminate based on industry. As long as businesses are legitimate, compliant with local laws and regulations, and can provide the necessary documentation required by regulators, they are welcome to become Xprizo clients.

Current merchant clientele spans across various sectors including traditional retail, hospitality, online travel, FX, Crypto Exchanges, eGaming, and iGaming, emphasising the platform’s adaptability and broad relevance.

Xprizo CEO Richard Mifsud commented: “Launching Xprizo brings immense satisfaction as we revolutionise the future of fintech in the iGaming space and many other industries. Our solution vastly enhances payment processes by providing end customers and operators with frictionless transactions. Our iGaming work is an integral part of our greater mission of working with emerging markets to support the unbanked by making them financially included.”

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