Altenar to Scale Next-Gen Betting Terminal for Global Markets

Altenar, the leading sportsbook and iGaming software provider, is preparing to offer its newly developed in-house retail terminal system to all global clients following its initial launch success. 

Developed to offer the industry’s first next-gen terminal solution with a fully customisable on-screen UX, the UKGC-licensed provider’s terminal is designed to be both the most cost-efficient and advanced solution available on the market. 

Inspired by the same software update model deployed by Silicon Valley, Altenar’s terminal software will continuously upgrade in real-time – ensuring that Altenar’s terminal will continue to offer the most advanced solution available for years to come. 

Built to offer operators the same back-office technology as other advanced terminals on the market, Altenar’s product differentiates itself by offering a fully blank slate for player UX – guaranteeing a fully tailored front-end solution with bespoke accessibility. 

Offering the industry’s first terminal technology of its kind, Altenar’s retail partners will now be able to receive a completely customisable player experience, with a front-end built to each operator’s exact specifications. 

Thanks to its resounding success across selected Belgian and LatAm retail estates, Altenar is now ready to scale its product globally across the 13 markets it is licensed in, including the UK, Malta, Spain, Colombia, Denmark and Sweden. 

Commenting on Altenar’s plans to take its next-gen terminal into global markets, Alejandro Cazorla, Sales Manager at Altenar said, “Our solution really is the Tesla of terminals – and by that we mean the most advanced terminal available on the market! We’ve designed our terminal to be as tech-first as possible, so it really is as advanced as the technology we’re seeing in Silicon Valley. 

“This means we’re able to offer a betting experience that is fully customisable for each partner – ensuring no UX is the same – but also the technology that ensures each product will be continuously updated and upgraded in real-time with as little as one click. 

“With central back-office management, highly advanced tracking and performance tools as well as telemetry, we can promise close to zero downtime – as well as a truly next-gen betting experience that will bring new demographics into retail shops.”

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