And Now For Kambi’s Bet Builder: Every Which Way You Can

As planet iGaming gears up to wager on championships everywhere—and, needless to say, the biggest World Cup of all, FIFA Qatar 2022—it seems only apposite to celebrate Kambi’s fabulous Bet Builder – the in-play, same-game, cross-competition parlay product that has revolutionised sports gambling.

The Nordic-origin B2B sports betting provider founded in 2010 and spun-off from parent Unibet in 2014 has just published its latest White Paper report: “Kambi’s Bet Builder: Evolving the Bookmaker-Bettor Relationship”.

And it makes for a fascinating insight into perhaps the fastest-growing and exciting trend in sports iGaming.

Bet Builder, and its like, which allows punters to create anything from a single bet to multiple wagers across multiple games and sports, is now a core product of most sportsbooks.

As Kambi, notes, it has the added beauty of enhancing long-term player loyalty, excitement and retention.

Nasdaq Stockholm-listed Kambi, now headquartered in Malta and helmed by Kristian Nylén, works with more than 40 partners on six continents, among them: BetPlay, Kindred, LeoVegas, Rush Street Interactive and the Rank’s Group’s online Grosvenor vertical.

As such it can leverage data from a global player base, while all the while operating in a fair and ethical manner.

Beyond The Limit

Bet Builder allows players more control and punches across traditional betting boundaries.

Kambi’s platform started with association football/soccer in 2019. Key components, says the company in its White Paper, are accuracy, capacity, consistency, flexibility, profitability, reliability and usability.

And this September Kambi acquired leading-edge front-enders Shape Games to reinforce its best-in-breed status.

The diverse and myriad combinations available with Bet Builder are clear for all to see.

A snapshot shows that over half of all bettors include three-to-four outcomes in their Bet Builder (51 per cent) and 45 per cent of American NFL bettors placed a Bet Builder – climbing to 50 per cent for the Super Bowl.

Critically, from an impact perspective, it is estimated that more than 80 per cent of the most valuable American football bettors engage with Bet Builder.

This is impressive stuff by any count.

Empowering Punters

Kambi’s Bet Builder empowers bettors to combine legs not just within individual games, but also across sports.

In North America, for example, American football and basketball is the most popular combo; while in the rest-of-the-world market it’s basketball again but this time with soccer.

As you can imagine, the most popular props in the NFL is “Touchdown Scorer”, in the EPL “To Score” and the MLB “Total Hits”.

“The Bet Builder infrastructure has been future-proofed into the core of our sportsbook platform,” says David MacTavish, Kambi’s Head of Product Strategy.

“Our priority is not always necessarily to be first, but to ensure we get it right from day one, taking the time to build the right product, to serve as a platform for future growth and iteration.”

Big Data

Adds David Arnold, Kambi’s Director of Risk Management: “As we expand our product range, [we] will be continuing to increase [Bet Builder’s] capabilities in relation to big data [and] the accuracy of our forecasting models and procedural automation…so that we are able to keep these at the cutting-edge.”

And Kambi will soon be building even greater in-game and cash-out functionality into the product.

What better way to end than by quoting Kambi’s own mantra of excellence:

“The journey to victory takes experience, dedication and a desire to push the boundaries.

“We know what it takes to succeed, and we know what it takes to ensure you become the best sportsbook you can be.”

In Kambi’s case, you can bet on it. Every which way you can.

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