bet365 Passes On The Danish, Nutmegged By ManU’s Eriksen Who Scores At Last

Following a rare tactical error, British iGaming champions bet365 have been fined over half-a-million pounds for fouling the image rights of top Danish football stars, among them Manchester United midfielder Christian and legendary former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.

Denmark’s Maritime and Commercial High Court has ordered bet365 owner Hillside to pay the players, and other Danish stars, a total of DKK4.7 million (£549,500) compensation for using their names and images without permission.

The offences occurred between February 21, 2019 and March 11, 2021, the court ruled yesterday (May 8).

Eriksen, ex-captain of the national Danish football team and currently United’s misfiring and injury-ravaged putative midfield maestro, was awarded DKK1.5 million (£175,380) in compensation after having his name/image exploited 29 times on bet365’s social media sites during the time-frame.

Bet365 argued the content was “editorial” and not “marketing”.

But their claim was ruled off-side and the iGaming giants, famous for their normally squeaky-clean tactics, were found guilty of a technical foul and yellow-carded.

Legendary Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, stalwart of Manchester United’s all-conquering Fergusson-era teams, who now works as a footie pundit, was awarded DKK350,000 (£40,900) for seven breaches of image rights.

Schmeichel’s son Kasper, national Danish team goalkeeper and now of Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice in France, who was playing for Leicester City during bet365’s run of fouls, was awarded DKK500,000 (£58,460).

Other Danish football stars who received compensation for purloined image rights were current national football team captain Simon Kjær and top women’s football player Pernille Harder.

In addition, bet365 were ordered to pay DKK311,500 (£36,400) in court costs.

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