Betika Enhances Kenyan Market with Kiron Interactive Partnership

Kiron Interactive, a prominent supplier of virtual sports and betting games, has experienced notable success in Kenya following the introduction of Kiron.Lite in partnership with the online gaming powerhouse, Betika. This specialized, data-efficient platform caters specifically to the unique demands of the African market, demonstrating significant growth in virtual product engagement with Betika since its first quarter launch.

Designed to optimize mobile data consumption, Kiron.Lite offers a streamlined gaming experience by focusing on the core elements of in-play betting without the need for high-bandwidth visuals. This approach not only ensures accessibility but also maintains the engaging aspects of sports betting. The platform is integrated with Kiron’s comprehensive gaming system, BetMan, facilitating a smooth connection with Betika’s customer wallet interface.

Betika’s clientele now benefits from access to Kiron’s widely acclaimed Virtual Sports games. These games mimic traditional betting experiences, allowing users to place bets on a variety of sports around the clock, mirroring the betting markets found in live sports events.

The platform introduces a continuous flow of betting opportunities through a staggered event schedule, offering the dynamic environment of in-play betting every two minutes. Kiron.Lite’s customization capabilities allow operators to tailor content, themes, odds, and event frequency to suit the specific tastes and preferences of their target market, ensuring a personalized user experience.

The collaboration between Kiron Interactive and Betika, based in Nairobi, Kenya, marks a significant advancement in providing innovative and accessible betting solutions to the Kenyan audience. This partnership not only broadens Betika’s offerings to its Kenyan users but also underscores the commitment of both companies to enhancing mobile betting entertainment across Africa.

Steven Spartinos, Kiron Co-CEO, said: “We’re proud to have developed a delivery system that is specifically designed to counter the challenges faced by operations in some areas of Africa. We’re also delighted to be working alongside Betika, which now enjoys a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace in ensuring its players can get their hands on the right content without having to worry about data consumption.

“Kiron.Lite offers today’s betting opportunities that customers expect but in a much more user-friendly format. We’re confident Betika is now enjoying a far more streamlined product offering as a consequence.”

Peter Stagles, Head of Gaming at Betika, said: “This partnership represents great value to us, providing our customers with the Kiron products that they love in the most efficient manner possible.

“We pride ourselves on rewarding our gaming enthusiasts in Kenya and beyond and Kiron.Lite allows us to do that flexibly and capably. We’re excited to see its impact on our players’ betting experience with us.”

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