Buzz Bingo Enhances Player Experience with Future Anthem Partnership

Buzz Bingo, the UK’s largest retail bingo operator and the award-winning owner of, has augmented its collaboration with Future Anthem by implementing real-time personalisation in its offerings. This development is facilitated by Future Anthem’s leading product, Amplifier AI, marking a significant advancement in their long-standing partnership.

This strategic move allows Buzz Bingo to adopt state-of-the-art personalisation tactics, harnessing Future Anthem’s powerful artificial intelligence models. These models are designed to automate and enhance the player experience, introducing a level of AI-driven personalisation unprecedented in the bingo industry.

The integration features a sophisticated game lobby recommendation system, tailored to individual player preferences across every game category. This system has the unique capability to adapt to various stages of the player lifecycle, delivering a highly personalised experience. It accomplishes this through AI models that deeply analyze player interactions, focusing on significant game sessions and preferences at key moments in the player journey.

Amplifier AI’s ability to dissect granular spin data empowers Buzz Bingo to profoundly understand player behaviour. This insight is crucial for operators seeking to elevate the real-time gaming experience, ultimately boosting player engagement, operator revenue, and conversion rates for both new and existing players.

Furthermore, Buzz Bingo plans to utilize Future Anthem’s real-time decision models to proactively identify and address potential player exits. The models will trigger targeted bonuses and recommendations, enhancing player retention with enriched gaming experiences. In line with Buzz Bingo’s commitment to player safety, Future Anthem will integrate these enhancements while maintaining rigorous player monitoring. This ensures that at-risk customers are protected, avoiding exposure to bonuses that could compromise their safety.

David Swaine, Head of Product, Slots & Games at Buzz Bingo, said: “Real-time personalisation is a game-changing innovation that will materially improve the way we interact with our players and help improve retention. We are thrilled to be working alongside Future Anthem – true leaders in the field when it comes to leveraging data using technology and AI.”

Chris Conroy, Chief Data Officer of Future Anthem, added: “Integrating Amplifier AI into Buzz Bingo’s day-to-day operations not only emphasises the importance of real-time personalisation but shows that if operators are to succeed and grow in a hyper-competitive market, they must embrace AI and its ever-growing capabilities.”

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