Casino Beats Summit 2022: Exclusive Preview with Ladbrokes Coral

As the international iGaming events calendar marches on, all roads now lead to Malta for SBC’s 4th edition of the bigger-than-ever Casino Beats Summit taking place next week from May 24-26.

Over 2,000 senior executive delegates are set to descend upon the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julians for the top meet and they are in for a treat with a jam packed conference schedule made up of engaging learning sessions, delivered by some of our industry’s foremost thought- leaders.

Among them will be Lee Beirne, Head of SEO for Ladbrokes Coral. He will be at the summit to discuss how to best manage the, sometimes-elusive, Google algorithm to work in your favour and help you stay on top of the search rankings — enabling players to find your site with ease. 

Lee, in conversation with iGF, gives his expert take on the topic, below, and explains what else we can expect from this must-attend event.

Why is the Casino Beats Summit so important to you? What do you hope to gain by attending? 

“I love these kinds of events because the is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from all the fantastic speakers. Also, the networking aspect of it. There are some very smart people. I hope to gain a better understanding of how the industry works from different angles and look out for what the future of gaming may look like.”

What impact do you think the Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Google algorithm update will have on operator’s ability to rank? 

“Will it change the game going forward? I personally don’t think it will have a major impact on how operators rank. I do think it will help unify and pull all the information together much better. I think MUM will have more of an impact on the e-commerce industry than us.”

With ever-increasing limits being set on iGaming advertising, reliance on SEO will be higher than ever. Will this create keyword bidding wars, only allowing the brands with the biggest budgets to rank on top? 

“Absolutely not. I see, and have seen, many companies, not just in our industry, with crazy big budgets, yet they still don’t dominate their respective category. I’m a strong believer that SEO is a process. If you get it right, anyone can rank above “big brands”. We already see websites that are ranking well for some high traffic keywords that are affiliate sites. While I don’t know what their budget is, I can’t imagine it can be much more than some big operators.”

What will be the key takeaways attendees can hope to gain from attending your session at the SBC Casino Beats Summit?

“I hope people come away with an understanding of what MUM is, how MUM works and how it may not impact what they already do. I see so many SEOs/companies panic over these types of updates, but they are not a major threat.”

Editor’s note:

From this quick catch up with Lee, it’s clear that there’s much to be excited about in regard to the Casino Beats Summit next week, with a great roster of speakers to learn from and gain a new perspective.

In regard to Lee’s session, and specialist subject, it seems that recent Google updates to the algorithm present less of a threat to our industry than perhaps feared. Nevertheless, it’s still fundamentally useful to understand–and be aware of–what’s coming next. It’s also encouraging to hear that you don’t always need the biggest budgets to rank on top.

If you want to find out more on how you can use your online marketing budget as effectively as possible, please be sure to attend Lee’s session at the show next week.

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