Casino Cabbie: Letter From America 4

Green shoots of promise and recovery across the eastern seaboard this week, as Casino Cabbie features items from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

How Green Does Your Garden Grow.

Braced by a year-on-year 15 percent surge in total gaming revenue of US$487 million, the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) in the Garden State has now mandated that the 1-800-GAMBLER hotline be clearly displayed on all betting ads.

Punters must also be offered straight ways to nix gambling ads from their feed. And freighted terminology–featuring problematic terms such as “guaranteed wins” or “risk-free”–are banned too.

In addition, gamblers in trouble will have the option to register for self-exclusion via video portal — as well as continuing to be able to self-exclude in-person.

“For those in the grip of gambling addiction, we need to offer as many exit ramps from their condition as possible,” said a spokesperson from the enforcement division.

“In the face of [our gambling] boom, we have a duty to protect the public from advertising that could be misleading or harmful.”

Kindred Launches NJ Platform

And in further positive news from New Jersey, Swedish-origin Kindred has been given the official go-ahead to launch its proprietary platform in the state, the DGE has confirmed.

Kindred’s state-of-the-art sports gaming platform will be live this mid-month, May, with launch in neighbouring Pennsylvania set to soon follow.

And More From the Keystone State

Online casinos in Pennsylvania set records in March as iGaming hit highs of US$148.2 million, up 25.5 percent, year-on-year.

In a major turn, total gambling revenue hit US$515.3 million during March — the very first time that the magic half-a-billion-dollars mark has been surpassed.

Retail slots accounted for almost half of all revenue in the state, while internet slot revenue increased by 32.4 percent.

Hollywood Casino remained the most popular online casino, leading Flutter’s FanDuel and BetRivers in third.

Sports betting revenue surged an incredible 66.6 percent, y-o-y, with over 85 percent of action playing out online.

FanDuel was the most popular sports betting platform, followed by Hollywood Casino and Barstool.

Going to Massachusetts

Sniffy Boston brahmins aside, newly-regulated MA exploded into action in March.

Some US$584.1 million crossed figurative counters after only three weeks of legal online betting.

DraftKings led the rush with a handle of US$267.6 million, followed by FanDuel, US$181.1 million, and BetMGM trailing with US$45.3 million.

In all, the sportsbooks–only legalised on March 10–generated net revenue of US$46.7 million in the shortened month and raised US$9.1 million in taxes for social causes in the state.

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