Casino Guru Survey Highlights Use of Responsible Gambling Tools


Casino Guru, an online gambling resource, recently implemented a survey on its forum, aiming to understand the use of responsible gambling tools by players in the igaming sector. Participants in the Casino Guru Forum were prompted to share their most-used responsible gambling mechanisms, yielding results that spotlight an apparent gap in the employment of such tools within the igaming community.

The outcome of the survey indicated varying levels of tool use:

  • 127 participants use a session limit
  • 328 utilize a deposit limit
  • 115 apply a loss limit
  • 109 employ self-exclusion
  • 367 do not use any tools

The highest number of respondents noted they do not use any responsible gambling tools, presenting a point of interest regarding the adherence to and advocacy for responsible igaming practices in the online gambling space.

The Casino Guru Forum, where the survey was hosted, is a platform that enables conversations related to online gambling among its global user base, thanks to an automatic translation feature. It experiences a monthly activity of approximately 4,000 posts and has over 15,000 new registered users from various locations.

Further information about Casino Guru and its activities can be found on its website.

Daniel Dolejsi, the Community Manager at Casino Guru, expressed his thoughts on the matter, saying, “These results highlight a critical need for increased awareness and education about responsible gambling tools. While it’s encouraging to see some players using these tools, the fact that a significant number do not is a cause for concern. We, at Casino Guru, are committed to promoting responsible gaming and will continue our efforts to educate players on the importance of these tools.”

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