Casumo Collaborates with mkodo’s GeoLocs for igaming Geolocation in Ontario

Casumo, an online casino operator, has chosen mkodo’s geolocation verification tool, GeoLocs, to support its igaming activities in Ontario, Canada.

This alliance ensures that Casumo’s igaming operations in Ontario adhere strictly to local geolocation regulations, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to compliance and user protection.

GeoLocs, a product of mkodo and recognized as a top-tier geolocation service, has been dedicatedly serving the igaming industry for over a decade. Crafted to meet the unique geolocation demands of the igaming sector, the tool is especially relevant as the industry experiences expansion, notably in regions like North America.

Casumo will leverage GeoLocs’ premium solutions, designed to address specific igaming operator challenges. One of the standout features of GeoLocs is its hassle-free integration. The service necessitates no additional app installations or downloads, and offers the flexibility to easily customize permitted and restricted regions for igaming activities.

With the integration of GeoLocs, Casumo promises its users a streamlined experience concerning location verification. Players can swiftly authenticate their location within the platform, bypassing cumbersome location confirmation steps and enjoying an uninterrupted igaming experience.

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director at mkodo, said: “mkodo is proud to be partnering with a leading operator to support their iGaming launch in Ontario and establish GeoLocs as a leading geolocation verification service in this territory. We are excited to work with Casumo in Ontario to offer their players the best user experience for geolocation verification.”

Mark Busuttil, Chief Product Officer at Casumo, said: “Since the opening of the Ontario market, we’ve been eager to enter one of the biggest iGaming markets in North America. By choosing GeoLocs as our geolocation provider, we are confident that we can offer our players a seamless and user-friendly experience that meets the compliance and regulatory demands of the territory. The technology, knowledge, and expertise behind GeoLocs has been key in supporting us to license and operate in Ontario, during what is a highly anticipated and exciting milestone for Casumo and our players.”

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