Casumo Exclusive Preview: Exploring The Future of Digital Innovation at SiGMA Europe

Next week all roads lead to Valletta, Malta, as the largest iGaming show in Europe makes its annual return for what promises to be a record-breaking year for SiGMA Europe 2023. 

iGaming leaders and tech innovators from across the globe will assemble at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH) from 13th – 17th November for what promises to be a week of unrivalled networking and learning opportunities.

The mammoth SiGMA Europe Conference will play host to 250 leading tech and iGaming speakers from across the industry, providing enlightening insights to help you expand your business. 

Among these key speakers will be Nikola Jellačić, CMO for Casumo. He will be taking part in a ‘Fireside Chat’ style session discussing the future of innovation in iGaming – and how we as operators can best leverage it for sustainable growth.

We caught up Nikola to hear more about this topic, the value attendees will gain from the session and why attending SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 is so important.

The iGaming industry has an abundance of conferences and events taking place all over the world throughout the year. How do you decide which ones are worth your time to attend? And why was it so important for you to attend SiGMA Malta this year and take part?

“Absolutely. At Casumo, when we look at the calendar of iGaming events, we’re strategic. We choose ones where we can make a real splash and connect with the industry’s movers and shakers.

“SiGMA Malta stands out because it’s a melting pot of innovation, insight and interaction right at the heart of iGaming’s Mediterranean hub. It’s a serious opportunity for us to learn from the best, share our visions for the future of online gaming and build relationships that will help us grow. This event is a cornerstone for us at Casumo. It’s where business meets opportunity and where we come to play a part in shaping the industry’s future.”

Your ‘Fire Side Chat’ session taking place at the conference is about digital innovation in marketing. Some believe our industry is trailing behind other industries, such as retail or financial services when it comes to digital transformation. Do you think the iGaming industry is innovative enough? And what can we learn from other industries? What can operators do to help drive this progressive culture and future-proof our sector?

“In the fast-paced world of iGaming, it’s true we often look to the retail and financial sectors as benchmarks for digital innovation. While we’ve made significant strides in areas like personalization and mobile gaming, there’s always room to up our game. Taking cues from retail, we can enhance user experiences with hyper-personalised content and service, and from finance, we can adopt cutting-edge security and data analytics to bolster trust and customer insights. To foster this culture of innovation, operators need to prioritise investment in tech, nurture a test-and-learn environment, and collaborate with tech partners to not just keep pace, but set the pace for digital transformation in iGaming.”

One of the biggest innovations to hit the iGaming market recently has been Artificial Intelligence-based products. These have the potential to transform the way operators approach marketing and CRM activities. What potential do you think AI has for the iGaming sector, and how will it change the role of marketers going forward?

“AI is a game-changer for the iGaming industry, particularly in marketing and CRM. Its potential lies in its ability to crunch vast amounts of data to personalise player experiences, predict trends, and automate customer interactions with precision. This isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about engaging players in a way that feels intuitive and tailored to their preferences. As for marketers, our roles are evolving: We’re becoming more data-savvy, strategic and creative as we leverage AI to design campaigns that resonate on a deeper level with our audiences. AI doesn’t replace the marketer; it empowers us to be more innovative and impactful in our strategies.”

Are there any conference sessions at SiGMA Malta that you’re looking forward to attending yourself? Why and who’s speaking?

“The sessions at SiGMA Malta exploring blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies are at the top of my agenda. They hold tremendous potential to redefine security and user engagement in the iGaming sector. I’m keen to hear industry experts discuss how these advancements could transform the gaming experience, as well as the marketing strategies we use to connect with our audience. It’s an exciting glimpse into the future of iGaming and the role marketers will play in this evolving landscape.”

Editors’ Note:

As mentioned by Nikola, it’s exciting to see the great strides forward in tech advancement that the iGaming industry is making – especially regarding aspects such as mobile gaming and personalisation. 

However, it seems there’s still much we can learn from other industries, such as retail or financial before the iGaming sector can realise its true potential.

To learn more about this and, more importantly, how you can leverage this for the future benefit of your business, make sure you attend Nikola’s Fireside Chat session at SiGMA Europe next week! 

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