Cubeia Introduces Innovative Global Hybrid Poker Network

Cubeia Sweden AB, a renowned provider of poker and gambling software, has announced a unique opportunity for betting operators to integrate a poker room with an existing player base into their platforms. This initiative is part of a groundbreaking promotion involving the launch of the Global Hybrid Poker Network, a concept that has garnered significant interest from Cubeia’s clientele over the past year.

The Global Hybrid Poker Network is designed to offer strategic advantages to both small and large operators. By pooling players for low-stakes tables, the network enables operators to access a shared customer base, instantly expanding their market reach. Simultaneously, operators will maintain exclusive control over their high-stakes players, ensuring privacy and exclusivity for their premium clientele.

In an exciting move, Cubeia is enhancing this offering with a comprehensive marketing package, valued at US$15,000, for every operator in the network. This package includes a variety of engaging promotions such as freerolls, guaranteed tournaments, and interactive challenges, spanning a three-month duration. The offer is available to all current and new operators who join Cubeia’s promotion, provided they complete integration before the network’s launch in the second quarter of this year.

Following the conclusion of the three-month promotional period, Cubeia will continue to manage the marketing package for those operators who wish to remain with their leading poker solutions, leveraging Cubeia’s extensive experience of over 15 years in the industry.

A key feature of the network is its anonymity; the identities of participating operators will be kept confidential. Additionally, Cubeia will facilitate the monthly reconciliation of funds transferred between operators, ensuring a smooth operational process.

“Let’s put our cards on the table – this represents an unmissable opportunity for operators of all sizes to reach a wider audience, drive engagement and open up exciting new revenue streams,” Simon Isbäck, Head of Poker says.

“The generous promotional package is simply the icing on the cake, and we have no doubt that once operators experience the benefits of being part of this network, they will go ‘all in’ so they can continue to be part of the Cubeia poker family.”

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