Entain plc, the global sports betting and gaming group, has today issued its 2020-21 ESG report, setting out the Group’s approach to sustainability and ESG related issues.

The report follows the publication of Entain’s Sustainability Charter at the end of 2020, which set out the Group’s strategy for long-term sustainability built on four cornerstones:

  • An exclusive focus on regulated markets
  • Lead on responsible betting and gaming
  • Pursue best-in-class standards in corporate governance
  • Invest in our people and local communities

Virginia McDowell, Chair of Entain’s ESG Board Committee said “The past year has seen ESG matters embedded at the heart of our operations. We are committed to taking a leading role in supporting the communities in which we operate, creating the safest possible betting and gaming platform, and in doing so, making Entain the best place to work for all of our people. By delivering on this ambition, we will create long-term, sustainable growth for all of our stakeholders.”

Entain’s 2020-21 ESG report is available here: 2020-2021 ESG Report.

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