Finlandia Casino Transitions to Winlandia, Expanding Its iGaming Horizons

Finlandia Casino, a prominent online iGaming platform catering to Finnish players for the past decade, recently announced its rebranding initiative as Winlandia. This strategic move aims to broaden the operator’s footprint in regulated European markets.

Throughout its tenure, Finlandia Casino has distinguished itself within the Finnish iGaming sphere by emphasizing an authentic Finnish customer journey. Their extensive range of slots, table games, and live dealer titles, complemented by versatile payment methods and engaging promotions, has been instrumental in its success.

The brand’s reputation and player experience attracted international users, making global expansion an imminent step. Consequently, the transformation to Winlandia serves not only to preserve but enhance the trusted player experience, making it accessible to broader audiences, including regions like the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

To differentiate itself in these competitive markets, Winlandia is poised to customize its offerings across games, payments, promotions, and support. This tailored approach, combined with the distinct Nordic flavor and Finnish Sisu spirit, will provide a unique user journey. With its game catalog set to exceed 5,500 titles, players can anticipate diverse options, including releases from established developers and emerging names in the iGaming sector.

This rebranding also aligns with Finland’s legislative changes, which entail dissolving the existing gambling monopoly and introducing a framework for other licensed operators. Winlandia intends to be at the forefront when these licenses become available. Moreover, the brand’s vision encompasses potential expansions into other Nordic territories like Norway and extends even further to global markets such as Canada and New Zealand, underscoring its ambition to solidify its presence as an international iGaming operator.

Christoffer Grönlund, Head of Acquisitions & PR at Winlandia, said: “We are so excited to have rebranded to Winlandia and to take our amazing casino experience to more markets such as the UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the first phase. In the second phase, we will enter Canada and New Zealand.”

“The team behind Winlandia is hugely passionate about online casino and delivering the absolute best experience to our players.

“We believe the only way to truly stand out is to excel across all areas and let data lead the way, from brand to bonuses, games to payments and of course customer service. Localisation, personalisation and conversion rate optimisation are also a must for each market.

“We have a very experienced team behind Winlandia with +15 years in iGaming and we know exactly how to deliver this and so much more to players in each market.

“We have some incredibly exciting plans in the works and look forward to more players than ever before being able to enjoy what Winlandia has to offer.”

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