Flutter Minding The Pay Gap

Gaming giant Flutter Entertainment, the FTSE100 listed company that recorded revenues of almost £4.4 billion last year (US$6.11bn/€5.17bn), has just released its annual gender pay gap report.

The 2020 report, while showing a narrowing pay gap over previous years, nevertheless reveals a still-significant differential in wage packets between men and women in similar jobs across the group’s principal verticals and among its 9,150 strong workforce.

Mining sample data from its brands, among them Betfair, Sky Betting and Gaming, Paddy Power and PokerStars, the investigation detailed a mean hourly pay gap of 13.7 per cent between male and female online staff and a 9.3 per cent gap between male and female workers in retail.

Male employees, both online and retail, were marginally also more likely to be awarded bonuses than women for delivering identical positive outcomes, the report showed.

The report investigated the earnings of 2,392 Flutter workers, approximately three-quarters of them men, from around the group and found gender pay gaps of 3.8 per cent, 13.9 per cent and 18.7 per cent in its Paddy Power, Betfair and Sky Betting and Gaming brands, respectively.

Flutter’s Sky Betting and Gaming vertical has now pledged to ramp-up its effort to achieve gender pay equality and representation.

“It’s challenging having so many different policies and practices in place in a [still] newly-formed business,” said Caroline Ross, Flutter’s Chief People Officer.

“The figures across each brand tell a uniquely different story and while we have seen positive moves to narrow the gap in some areas, more progress needs to be made.

“We are already committed to reviewing policies and practices that can have a positive impact on our ambition to narrow the gap,” she added.


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