Gambless to Offer Over US$100k of Free Support to Problem Gamblers

Gambless first big milestone offers a glimpse into where its users come from and confirms the importance of mhealth support.

The release of Gambless, a new mobile app tackling gambling addiction, was announced last September. The app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, offers resources to problem gamblers, including informative articles, a self- care diary, coping-skills exercises, diagnostic tests and an emergency chatbot.

Today, less than 5 months later, Gambless announces to have already given away several hundred free codes, allowing access its psycho-educational resources, amounting to over US$120,000 (£87,800/€99,110).


After the initial months of organic growth, at the beginning of December, Gambless decided to start surveying its users about their location and their most frequented gambling operators.

These data was gathered anonymously, and now it gives a better understanding of its userbase: in the past 8 weeks, 27% of registered users came from the United Kingdom and Ireland, 24% from the USA, 12% are Australians, 10% Italians and 5% Canadians. And while there are people registering from all over the world (30+ countries), a handful of countries account for more than 3/4 of its users.

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