Georgia Lottery and IWG Announce Strategic Relaunch

In a notable development within the igaming sector, Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a prominent supplier of eInstant games to lotteries worldwide, has announced a strategic relaunch with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. This move comes on the heels of the successful integration of IWG’s advanced InstantRGS (remote game server) technology with International Game Technology’s (IGT) iLottery platform, marking a significant milestone in the collaboration between IWG, IGT, and the Georgia Lottery.

This initiative is poised to enhance the longstanding partnership between IWG and IGT, offering the Georgia Lottery, and crucially, its players, access to an expanded suite of innovative InstantGames. These offerings are set to complement the existing eInstant portfolio provided by IGT, thereby enriching the overall gaming experience for users.

The relaunch was highlighted by the introduction of IWG’s acclaimed Cash Expander game, which has been tailored specifically for the Georgia market to resonate with local players. This customization underscores IWG’s commitment to delivering engaging and relevant gaming content that meets the preferences of its audience.

The Georgia Lottery’s integration of IWG’s offerings represents the second collaboration between IWG and IGT within the United States, following a successful partnership with the Kentucky Lottery. Additionally, IWG and IGT have previously joined forces to enhance the eInstant game selection for the Belgium National Lottery.

This strategic relaunch not only reinforces the synergy between IWG, IGT, and the Georgia Lottery but also signifies a continued commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to deliver superior gaming experiences. This collaboration is set to benefit all parties involved, especially the players, who can look forward to a diverse and innovative range of eInstant games.

Rhydian Fisher, IWG CEO, said: “It’s fantastic to have relaunched our eInstants in Georgia, a move that will further strengthen the Lottery’s Diggi Games offering and provide players with the very latest in eInstant entertainment. We’re excited for the future ahead with the Georgia Lottery, and our supply of games for their players.”

Gretchen Corbin, Georgia Lottery Corporation President and CEO, said: “The Georgia Lottery Corporation is excited to introduce IWG’s InstantGames to our valued players. These new games will complement our current Diggi Game offerings, bringing players new and exciting experiences. Our Diggi Games contribute to the Georgia Lottery’s mission of providing revenues for the purpose of funding Georgia’s Pre-K and the HOPE Scholarship programs. Our corporation appreciates this collaboration with IWG and IGT to help us grow this important category of games.”

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