GR8 Sportsbook: GR8 Tech’s Winning Bet for the Sports Betting Industry

GR8 Tech proudly presents GR8 Sportsbook – a tried and tested betting platform now available as a standalone product. As the newest addition to GR8 Tech’s portfolio of solutions and products, the GR8 Sportsbook is designed to meet diverse and unique operators’ needs.  

It can seamlessly handle 30,000 bets-per-second and efficiently settle an impressive one million  bets-per-minute, with over 99 percent of bets settled within a mere 60-seconds following an event’s conclusion. These capabilities, which were rigorously tested and proven during one of the most demanding sports events of the year–the Football World Cup 2022–, highlight the system’s robust performance, maintaining a solid 99.95 percent uptime.

Covering over 40-plus sports, including globally-popular and region-specific sports as well as niche markets, like eSports, GR8 Sportsbook provides an unmatched depth and breadth of betting opportunities with thousands of events hosted each month. Our unique Managed Trading Services (MTS) offers even more betting options with high customizability, expanding the possibilities far beyond the standard betting feed and allowing for deep localization and precise management of the betting margin.

Moreover, GR8 Sportsbook features a bonus engine with highly customizable gamified mechanics that can be easily personalised within our integrated CRM system, further enhancing the UX. Features like ‘Watch & Bet,’ ‘Top Multiple Bets’ and ‘Surprise Me’, driven by AI technology, create an immersive and engaging betting experience, enhancing both user engagement and operators’ revenue.

GR8 Sportsbook’s single wallet effortlessly integrates sports betting, multiple sports categories, third-party casinos – and more. This ensures a seamless gaming experience for users and diversified offerings for operators, enhancing user retention, and engagement, and simplifying the betting process. Furthermore, GR8 Sportsbook supports operators’ growth with a broad range of payment methods and a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. Alongside the robust risk management system, these features equip operators to make secure and informed decisions.

Built on our proprietary Modulor Design System, GR8 Sportsbook supports dynamic UI customization for individual players. This commitment to flexible user-focused design, coupled with a wide range of payment methods and a user-friendly registration funnel, easily configurable for different geos, delivers an intuitive and personalised betting experience in any market.

With advanced margin management capabilities based on competitive analysis, fine-tuned per region, GR8 Sportsbook strikes an optimal balance between user acquisition, turnover and margin. These attributes, coupled with extensive operational experience, a dedicated development team, and a commitment to superior tech, highlight GR8’s pledge to offer the most comprehensive, data-driven and scalable Sportsbook in the iGaming industry.

“GR8 Sportsbook is the industry’s dark horse, ready to redefine the global market,” underlines  Evgen Belousov, CEO of GR8 Tech. “We’re committed to making our clients thrive in both established and emerging markets. But if you’re interested, act fast. We’re all about quality, not quantity. The future of betting is GR8. And we invite you to be a part of it. Starting now.”

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