Holland Casino Launches New Responsible Gambling Initiative

As of April 1, Holland Casino has launched the award-winning Gamalyze self-test on their website for their customers to get insight into their gambling behaviour and individualised advice for safe gambling.

Always at the forefront of being responsible and caring for their customers, Holland Casino has launched Mindway AI‘s self-test on a new responsible gambling page that also includes information on how to gamble responsibly, seeking help and prevention. In close collaboration, Holland Casino and Mindway AI have created a unique visual design of the self-test with a look and feel that fits right into the Holland Casino way.

“With the entry into force on 1 April 2021 of, among other things, the amended Gaming Act and the Remote Gambling Act, the government has taken an important step towards modernising the ‘gambling addiction prevention policy’ in the Netherlands. In line with this, Holland Casino has also refreshed the information on the website about conscious play. The self-test added is a beautiful, innovative example of how we take our responsibility for conscious gaming behaviour seriously,” says the Chairman of the Board at Holland Casino Erwin van Lambaart.

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