Hollywoodbets and Playtech Forge Strategic Alliance in South Africa

Playtech, a global leader in gambling technology, has joined forces with Hollywoodbets, a premier betting brand, to enhance the iGaming landscape in South Africa. This partnership marks a significant step for Hollywoodbets as it integrates Playtech’s renowned Live Casino and Slots offerings into the South African market, catering to the increasing demand for high-quality, accessible online gaming experiences.

The launch of Playtech’s Live Casino and Slots on Hollywoodbets’ platforms, accessible via both desktop and mobile, represents a pivotal development in Playtech’s strategic expansion efforts. South Africa, known for its dynamic market and substantial contribution to the African gaming sector, plays a key role in Playtech’s global strategy. This collaboration underscores Playtech’s dedication to broadening its reach and establishing a strong presence in regulated markets worldwide.

Hollywoodbets aims to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s digital-first audience by capitalizing on Playtech’s innovation and excellence in online gaming solutions. This partnership aligns with Hollywoodbets’ commitment to staying ahead in the competitive market by continuously evolving its product offerings to satisfy the changing preferences of its customers.

Diane Crookes, Senior Commercial Director at Playtech: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hollywoodbets, which will expand our presence in South Africa. This collaboration will enable us to bring Playtech’s Live Casino and Slots offerings to the region, introducing an exciting new gaming experience to our customers. The relationship has just begun and with both companies having an international footprint and global appeal, we look forward to seeing what’s coming next.”

Wayde Dorkin, Head of Product, Hollywoodbets: “This partnership is a huge opportunity for Hollywoodbets. The deal allows us to offer the South African market Playtech’s exciting Slots and Live games. We aim to further diversify our offerings by including additional content from Playtech in the coming months. This partnership presents great potential for both companies to provide a broader range of captivating content to our valued players.”

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