How to Protect Our Environment and iGaming Industry Simultaneously

Many of the good causes we see our industry contributing to often have some link to combatting problem gambling. The wider environmental issues are often looked over because they are not as relevant to our sector specifically, however, GAMOMAT are changing this narrative. They are embarking on a great new initiative that is focused on world issues that transcend the gaming market alone.

We spoke with Dietmar Hermjohannes, Founder and Managing Partner at GAMOMAT to find out why they have chosen this strategy, how to make a credible difference in the world and how it will impact the rollout of gaming titles in the future.

Why did you choose Healthy Seas as the organisation to collaborate with on this game launch? Is this the beginning of a long term partnership or will you commit to other organisations according to what new titles are being released?

“Our collaboration with the fantastic Healthy Seas organisation came as a result of a thorough research process to ensure GAMOMAT aligned itself with the perfect partner. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to our future and everything must be done to turn the tide. GAMOMAT’s philosophy focuses on thinking about the future of gaming and this partnership means we’re also thinking about the future of our environment.”

“Given Book of Oasis’ subaqueous theme we felt it was the ideal time to launch the ‘Gaming for the Climate’ initiative. Healthy Seas is doing a standout job through its cleanups with volunteer divers and by working with stakeholders of the fishing sector to prevent marine wastage building up. They collect abandoned nets and ensure they are recycled into a valuable resource. Our financial contribution will help add momentum to the fine work and we’ll assess how the partnership is working. We really hope the players feel part of the initiative as much as we do.”

The ‘Gaming for the Climate’ initiative is an inspiring project. How can other development studios follow your lead and launch effective charitable projects that make a real impact and aren’t seen as empty publicity stunts?

“There are hundreds of worthy projects with the mission of making a positive difference for society and the environment. Development studios should find a route that is an extension of the company’s beliefs and philosophy. Before deciding to work alongside Healthy Seas, we undertook a major research project to analyse the success of the donation and whether our contribution can make a viable difference.”

Book of Oasis includes the Free Games feature. How important are these sorts of features for player engagement?

“Free Game features are absolutely loved by players and a creative way for us to reward their slot-passion. The feature builds excitement on the reels and enhances engagement levels. In Book of Oasis, Free Games are triggered when 3, 4 or 5 Scatters appear on the reels and players get a random bonus symbol for the Free Game – once in the feature additional Free Games can be earned.”

Book of Oasis is said to be a high volatility game that will attract players who enjoy a high level of risk. How does the game cater to risk-averse players? Or should low-risk players stay away from games like this?

“That’s a tough question! We at GAMOMAT love games and like to push the boundaries of innovative gameplay when it comes to iGaming. There are many players who only play high volatility games and some players who are a bit more risk-averse. We believe that each player has the choice for themselves if a high volatility game is right for them.”

As well as the future of our environment, GAMOMAT also cares about the future of gaming, of course. Do you think initiatives like this will help to protect the future of our industry too, from a PR standpoint? What else can we do, as an industry, to ensure the future growth of our sector?

“We strongly believe that global warming needs all the support possible to turn the tide on the damage. All the support that organisations can offer should be welcomed. Any media promotion around donatable work undertaken by our industry is good as it will encourage others to join the cause. However, this emphasises the need to conduct rigorous planning to ensure the initiative is the right one and avoids missing the mark.

“Our partnership with Healthy Seas and the ‘Gaming for the Climate’ initiative should be an example to all and showcase the power of the industry for doing good.

“As an industry we must keep creating great gaming experiences for players to ensure the future growth of our sector. Responsible gaming and innovation need to drive game creation in equal measure. Our games catalogue has been developed by a passionate team that loves and lives for gaming. Book of Oasis is the perfect game to introduce the donation element and we can’t wait to see the impact of this project.”

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