iGaming 2023: How to Create a Casino Experience for the Next Generation!

As the iGaming industry continues to transition into a new digital era, entering new and emerging markets around the globe, the traditional ways of engaging or interacting with players is also changing and operators face the continual challenge of staying ahead of the curve and keeping their customer base growing sustainably.

This is especially true in the hyper-competitive online casino sector where there is an almost infinite amount of choice for the customer and brand loyalty is at an all-time low.

We caught up with Andrzej Hyla, CCO of Wazdan to hear his thoughts on the future of the online casino sector and most importantly, what he believes operators should be doing to keep the new generation of casino players engaged!

Maximising the customer experience is critical to game success but how can operators ensure their players still receive the best experience even when they have poor data coverage or less powerful devices?

“Maximising the customer experience in the dynamic world of online slot gaming is a top priority for operators, especially when considering challenges like poor data coverage or less powerful devices. At Wazdan, we have taken a proactive approach to address these concerns through our innovative slot series, Extremely Light. This series is designed to provide players with an exceptional gaming experience regardless of their device’s specifications or network conditions.

“Extremely Light slots are a testament to Wazdan’s commitment to excellence. These games are not only optimised to consume less energy, but they also load faster and run smoother on a wide range of devices. This ensures that players can immerse themselves in our engaging titles without being hindered by technical limitations.

“Moreover, we understand that seamless gameplay is crucial even in challenging connectivity scenarios. To further enhance the player experience, we have incorporated an Energy Saving Mode into all our games. This feature allows players to extend their gameplay sessions while preserving device resources, making it ideal for situations with limited data coverage or less powerful devices.

“By embracing technological advancements and focusing on player-centric design, Wazdan is setting a new standard in delivering top-quality gaming experiences. Our Extremely Light slot series and Energy Saving Mode underscore our dedication to ensuring that every player, regardless of their device or network conditions, can enjoy our games to the fullest. This commitment aligns with our vision to create a gaming environment where enjoyment knows no boundaries.”

The online casino market is highly competitive, making it difficult for operators to stand out and retain player engagement. How can new innovations on the market, including your innovative bonus features help with this?

“In the highly competitive online casino market, differentiation and player engagement are paramount for operators to succeed. At Wazdan, we recognise the challenges posed by this environment and have risen to the occasion with a range of innovative bonus features that set us apart.

“One such feature is Cash Infinity™, a game-changer that not only captures player interest but also elevates engagement. By seamlessly guiding players into the much-loved Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round, brimming with enticing jackpots and substantial winnings, we ensure a thrilling and rewarding experience. The success of the 9 Coins™ series, celebrated by player acclaim and multiple award nominations, exemplifies the impact of this feature on player engagement.

“Another jewel in our crown is Chance Level™. This feature empowers players to amplify their chances of accessing bonus rounds. This intuitive and player-centric approach epitomises our ethos, allowing players to take control of their gaming journey.

“Further enriching our arsenal is Mystery Drop™, an award-winning promotional tool that not only empowers online casinos to orchestrate captivating promotions but also immerses players in an interactive gaming adventure. This underscores our dedication to providing not only thrilling gameplay but also creating a dynamic and immersive ecosystem.

“By marrying cutting-edge technology with a profound understanding of player desires, we are paving the way for a future where online casino gaming is not only competitive but also profoundly engaging.”

As we transition further into the digital revolution, how do you think modern player needs have changed and what trends do you expect to see in the future? How can operators best align themselves to take advantage?

“Modern players are characterised by their heightened expectations and a desire for personalized experiences. At Wazdan, we recognize this paradigm shift and have tailored our strategies to not only meet these needs but also set new standards in player-centric game design.

“Gameplay accessibility has emerged as a defining factor in player decision-making, and Wazdan’s response to this demand is our Freedom of Choice™ suite. This comprehensive suite encompasses a wide array of gameplay-customisation features, including innovative elements like Volatility Levels™ and the Ultra Fast Mode. By putting the power to customise their experience in players’ hands, we create a sense of agency that resonates deeply with the modern player.

“The pervasive trend of mobile gaming has undeniably redefined the industry landscape. However, at Wazdan, we’ve transcended the conventional approach of mere adaptation. Our Extremely Light games go beyond surface optimisation, delivering an unparalleled mobile gaming experience that seamlessly combines energy efficiency, rapid loading, and smooth performance. This not only addresses the trend but also reshapes it by setting new benchmarks for mobile gameplay.

“To best align operators with the evolving landscape, embracing innovation and customisation is pivotal. Operators should prioritize technology that empowers players to tailor their experiences, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, recognising that mobile gaming is the cornerstone of modern trends, a focus on creating dynamic and efficient mobile experiences, as demonstrated by Wazdan’s Extremely Light games, is crucial.”

Wazdan has been expanding and strengthening its presence in a variety of markets, including North America. Why is this region so important to you and what do you think will be the main growth drivers for this market going forward?

“The North American market holds a pivotal role in Wazdan’s expansion strategy for compelling reasons. As the popularity of mobile gaming continues to surge across America, a parallel rise in interest towards iGaming has been witnessed. This promising landscape has been further fuelled by the progressive relaxation of gambling regulations in key states, triggering a domino effect that has spurred remarkable industry growth.

“In 2022, Wazdan directed its efforts towards a dynamic expansion across the United States, strategically initiating its entry into notable states such as New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We also received approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), enabling us to supply our games to operators in Canada. This concerted approach reflects our dedication to seizing the abundant opportunities that the evolving American gaming market presents.

“Our commitment goes beyond mere presence; we are fervently working to cement Wazdan’s formidable position in this burgeoning landscape. Notably, our extensive portfolio of over 180 games is being progressively introduced to players in regions where we are already established. The remarkable results observed in these initial stages have surpassed expectations, indicating the resonance of our games and advanced functionalities, including the immensely popular Cash Infinity™ and Mystery Drop™ features. These offerings have garnered favour among local operators and players alike, resonating due to their effectiveness and exceptional entertainment value.

“Wazdan’s resounding entry into the North American gaming sphere signifies a convergence of innovation, entertainment, and growth, underlining our aspiration to become a key player in shaping the future of iGaming in the United States and Canada.”

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Andrzej, it’s clear that the online casino sector has an exciting future ahead of it. Even in new markets where mobile data isn’t as easily accessible, specially tailored, data-light versions have been developed. Showing that regardless of the market you’re operating in, the digital transition is in full motion and it’s our industry’s responsibility to meet the evolving standard of customer expectations.

Andrez believes that for operators to truly guarantee success in this sector going forward, they need to prioritise technology, while embracing innovation and customisation. With more sector leaders like Wazdan employing this culture and encouraging the rest of the industry, the future possibilities for online casino products are endless and we will be able to keep casino players engaged for many more generations to come.

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