iGaming 2023: The Next Gen of Games Crashing the Regulated Markets!

As we continue to look towards the journey ahead for our industry, the continual challenge of providing fresh content to keep players entertained is ever-present.

In this future-focused article, we caught up with Robert Civill, Chief Commercial Officer for market-leading developer, Gamanza, to hear his thoughts on the future of game content in the world of online casino!

In the ever-evolving landscape of iGaming, where competition is fierce and innovation is key, one thing is abundantly clear: players are hungry for something different. As a new generation of players is emerging, seeking exciting and unconventional experiences, the demand for new gambling formats grows. At the forefront of this gaming revolution are Crash games, and other fast-paced and arcade-style games that have rapidly become the hot ticket of the iGaming industry.

The popularity of Crash games and the arcade-style genre they have brought to the fore can be attributed to a perfect blend of excitement, simplicity, and the lure of instant wins. From a content perspective, these games have made giant strides in bridging the gap between traditional casino offerings and contemporary mobile gaming, making them appeal to a wide audience. Indeed, our recent launch of Air Racer, the first crash game live in the regulated Swiss market was an instant hit, so what is it that has propelled Crash games to such a lofty position?

1. Simplicity:

The player doesn’t have to attempt to keep track of multiple combinations of reels and symbols like in today’s crazy video slots, which is a whole other phenomenon that many people cannot get their head around. Instead, the game round starts, and the thrill begins instantly – Hold your nerve as the multiplier increases and smash the cashout before the crash! A very simple thrill ride. This straightforward gameplay offers an adrenaline rush that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

2. Accessibility:

In an era where time is precious, Crash games provide quick and convenient entertainment. Rounds are often short, allowing players to enjoy a quick game during half time of a football match or while travelling on public transport. In fact, with our crash game Air Racer we chose to build it in a single player environment, which means the player can start a new round as soon as the last one is over. This allows players to control the game at their own pace.

3. An element of control over your luck:

Crash games offer a tantalizing blend of skill and chance. While luck of course plays a major role in the outcome, players can improve their odds by strategically timing their exits. This element of skill adds depth to the gameplay and encourages players to refine their strategies over time. In fact, Gamanza’s crash game Air Racer has a rather unique feature that allows the player to place 3 separate bets in parallel, with different bet amounts, each having an option to set an auto cashout for the player’s target multiplier. This allows the player to adopt multiple strategies!

4. Engaging Visuals:

Arcade-style graphics and animations make Crash games visually engaging. The bright colours, captivating sound effects, and the suspenseful climb of the multiplier create an immersive gaming experience that resonates with a wide audience, again creating an environment more akin to mobile gaming.

Crash games first made their appearance in the early days of crypto-based online casinos. As the iGaming industry continued to evolve, traditional online casinos began to take notice of the growing demand for Crash games and so they quickly transitioned from the fringes to the mainstream as operators saw the clear potential for attracting a different type of player and introducing some variety to the content pool.

Moreover, the recent approval of Crash games for release in regulated markets is a significant milestone in their journey to mainstream acceptance. Regulators have recognized the appeal and demand for these games and have worked closely with testing labs and operators to establish frameworks that ensure compliance with local laws and fair gameplay. This shows the iGaming industry is adapting to keep up with player demand, while upholding its responsibility for player safety and security. 

In conclusion, the rise of Crash games within the iGaming industry is a testament to the evolving tastes of players and their hunger for innovative experiences. I firmly believe that this is further evidence that exciting change is edging ever closer on the horizon. I sincerely hope that iGaming operators continue to adopt more of the experiences and trends that mobile gaming enthusiasts have been enjoying for a long time. Interactive, engaging and progressive content, complimented by proper gamification is the future in my view.

That is what we’re all about at Gamanza. The mission of our own in-house game studio is to bring arcade variety to regulated iGaming markets. And through our Player Engagement business unit we’re bringing a highly advanced and fully customizable gamification system to market that is designed to be utilized at the operator level and implemented across all product verticals, not just casino.

We will be showcasing both our game studio and the gamification system on dedicated stands at SBC Summit Barcelona, although located conveniently opposite each other! Visit stand GS1 for the game studio and play our new release Wanted 5, a wild-western point and shoot game with level progression, it’s a banger. We will also have a tournament running throughout both days so visitors should get involved for a chance to win a Swiss gold bullion coin. And visit stand CG419 to see a demo of our gamification tools in action. There you can also enter a prize draw to win a limited-edition Omega-Swatch watch!

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