iGaming Superpower To Be, Brazil’s Unmissable iGaming Summit

It’s no secret that the LatAm region, and Brazil in particular, is an iGaming hotbed right now, garnering interest from both domestic and international industry stakeholders.

But, with critical industry legislation still pending, what does the future hold for the key Brazilian market?

So earlier this month the iGamingFuture team were out in force, attending Latin America’s leading iGaming show, SiGMA Americas in São Paulo, Brazil, aka Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS).

Although the event is only three-years-old, it’s more than doubled in size and attendance over this timespan.

We caught up with BiS & Super Afiliados Co-founder, Alessandro Valente to find out more about the success of the show, the Latin American market, Brazil in particular – and what we can expect going forward.

The industry is currently packed more than ever with a variety of iGaming conferences and events. Why should industry professionals prioritize the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) as a must-attend event?

One of the main reasons is because Brazil, on its own, is the size of a continent, and we are slightly isolated from the rest of LatAm due to the language barrier, as we only speak Portuguese in Brazil and the rest of the nations mostly speak Spanish.

But, because of the huge size of Brazil and its population [Ed. 215 million], we still have an immensely large audience. The potential in this market is spectacular and we already have around 15 million players actively playing online.

Through this event we’ve now been able to place Brazil centre stage, making it a very appealing hub for attendees across the country and internationally.

The legalisation of iGaming has also played a significant role in magnifying the importance of this event. And now the much-anticipated regulation is coming, so we will have even more potential for market growth, further amplifying the need for the industry to attend BiS.

Why has the event been able to grow exponentially in just three years? What do you think has driven this growth?

One of the key factors is that we are focusing solely on localisation. We’ve created an event which is made by Brazilians for the Brazilians. Bringing content via an agenda strictly designed for that market. We also have a strong international audience because they have a very interesting point of reference that can be important when it comes to trends in regulation or new technologies in Europe.

Also, I think we have good synergy here. If you look into the content, it’s pretty much focused on Brazil and Latin America. So this is one of the main factors for me, as it’s literally the number one source for the most up-to-date regional content in the industry. The growth is also very closely related to the regulation and the potential growth in the market itself and everything else around it.

But mainly, I would suggest that it’s because the content is king and right now, it is playing its part.

What are some of the key content themes of the conference that have been covered in this year?

Well, this year we tried to accommodate a new audience. An audience that, for Brazil, makes a lot of sense: The B2C market. This is being delivered through our Brazilian Affiliate Conference, which is a satellite conference within BiS. It is predominantly focused on gamblers, traders, punters. We have never had that sort of content here in Latin America. Maybe other countries have had this, but we’ve never had it here.

Traditionally we’ve always focused on the B2B market and the government relationship. Now we have a little bit extra when it comes to that, so all parts of the LatAm iGaming community can be catered for.

What does the future hold for the Brazilian iGaming Summit?

Well, next year, hopefully, the regulation of sports betting and the Bill that is in the Upper House in the Senate, will pass. This will legitimize the entire industry. If that happens, then we are expecting 40 percent growth at least on the show floor. This is because we will then have all the suppliers of the casinos, the slot machines, the roulette tables, furniture, everything that comes along with it.

This will enable our event to become representative of the whole continent.

Apparently, that law is now a priority in the Senate. So there is a very good chance that this year, or early next year, we’re going to have the whole industry legalized – and not just sports betting!

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Allessandro, it’s easy to understand why there is so much excitement surrounding this show, and the market in general.

The show was busy and full of top attendees to meet and connect with. Content was insightful and full of value; making BiS the perfect environment for stakeholders hoping to grow their LatAm-facing audience.

We’re looking forward to attending again next year. BiS is not a show to be missed.

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