ITP and HotSpotBet Collaborate to Launch HotSpotJogos in Brazil

Inside The Pocket (ITP), renowned for its dual-model free-to-play and pay-to-play (F2P & P2P) aggregation platform, has forged a new partnership with the Brazilian operator HotSpotBet. This collaboration aims to enhance customer acquisition and retention in Brazil, leveraging ITP’s expertise in the burgeoning market.

ITP has rolled out HotSpotJogos, a localized website tailored for the Brazilian market. This website features a series of engaging F2P games designed to attract and retain customers in an increasingly regulated global igaming environment. These games provide a dynamic and adaptable approach to customer engagement, moving beyond traditional bonus strategies to offer more effective player experiences.

This initiative follows ITP’s successful implementation of F2P games for Pixbet during the last World Cup football tournament. The success of this project, which focused on attracting and retaining a loyal customer base, played a critical role in securing the HotSpotJogos project for HotSpotBet. Additionally, ITP has partnered with a significant global affiliate to enhance its Meta advertising strategies in Brazil, showcasing its deep market insight and advanced analytics capabilities.

ITP’s single-integration solution offers a diverse range of engagement and retention tools across multiple products. This approach is particularly pertinent as Brazil edges closer to implementing its sports betting regulations. The Brazilian Ministry of Finance has recently initiated fast-track licensing processes for operators, and ITP’s platform is uniquely positioned to provide access to over 30 content providers through one seamless integration.

HotSpotBet, known for its innovative sportsbook and igaming platform, features unique pricing models that offer dynamic in-play odds and competitive pricing across all sports. The platform’s state-of-the-art technology is well-suited to adapt to local regulatory requirements with minimal physical deployment and robust centralized control systems. This launch comes at an opportune time, coinciding with major international football leagues and a diverse schedule of global sporting events.

A HotSpotBet spokesperson said: “Collaborating with ITP on HotSpotJogos has been a fantastic journey so far. They share our values and vision and we look forward to putting our combined shoulders to the wheel to make HotSpotBet the best sportsbook in Brazil over the year ahead.

“We were initially taken with ITP’s success at last year’s World Cup and saw an immediate opportunity for us to roll out a more dedicated ongoing program around F2P for HotSpotBet over the coming months.

“The engaging gameplay and localized flexibility of our HotSpotJogos games has already helped generate clear spikes in acquisition and retention for, and provides us with a clear pathway in the white-hot Brazilian market, underscoring ITP’s innovative portfolio of native and third-party products as we go along.

“Latin America, while fragmented, is comprised of countries that are overwhelmingly football-focussed, with scope to cross-sell into other sports as they become popular, or reach their optimum seasons peaks, like basketball or baseball. Working with ITP’s varied catalogue, we can spin up new games across other emerging LatAm markets as we look to light up further territories with HotSpotBet’s versatile sportsbook.

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, said: “We saw that at last year’s football World Cup, the most important and most watched football competition in the world – especially amongst Brazil’s football-mad fanbase – that the largest home-grown operator executed far better than some of the global behemoths eyeing the Brazilian space simply because they knew their end users so intimately.

“Other local sportsbooks and media companies across the regulating Brazilian marketplace have also elevated their acquisition and retention targets via F2P, so it’s exciting to have already showcased the dexterous performance of ITP in this space, and to now be leading the LatAm charge on Brazil with HotSpotBet.

“Thanks to our software and platform partners, we were able to construct and curate this customized website, HotSpotJogos, from scratch. They couldn’t have been more collaborative and responsive. And based on encouraging performances in both acquisition and retention metrics, it seems HotSpotBet’s new customers are loving these local touches, too.

“Having developed some vital expertise in the F2P domain in Brazil by working hand-in-hand with proven operators and a major industry affiliate, ITP’s data mastery and marketing success stories will only continue for our partners across emerging territories like Brazil. We are ideally placed to leverage such opportunities because we can diversify content, leverage consumer data and segment it for our clients as the Brazilian coalesces into more definitive shape over the coming months. Our complementary partners at marketing analytics and geolocation are also affording ITP unique consumer insights that will allow us to hyper-localise audience communication around a variety of other mass-media sporting events on the horizon in 2024.”

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