Kiron Unveils UK Numbers, A New Lotto Channel Targeting African Markets

Kiron Interactive, an established iGaming operator, has announced the launch of UK Numbers. This lotto draw television channel, developed specifically for African markets, is set to create immense potential for operators and players alike.

UK Numbers is a bespoke, round-the-clock channel showcasing a curated selection of top-notch numbers products tailored for African consumers. This world-class fixed odds lotto draw platform features a variety of formats, including two distinct offerings predicted to considerably influence the market landscape in Africa.

One such offering is the globally renowned 49’s live draw, broadcast twice daily by a vibrant, highly regarded team of presenters. This 49-ball format game, popular for over a quarter-century, provides players the opportunity to secure substantial wins from modest stakes.

Complementing the 49’s is the newer, higher frequency 39’s product. With draws occurring every three minutes, 24/7, it is a high-margin game designed to maximize betting possibilities. This product accommodates fewer numbers in each draw, thereby ensuring constant engagement and opportunities for players.

Similar to trends observed in other global markets, Africa has seen a notable increase in the popularity of low-stake, high-turnover gaming. UK Numbers is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing demand, offering a game format that is aligned with player preferences and carefully curated to cater to their specific needs.

Owing to Kiron’s extensive understanding of local nuances, robust partner network, and well-established reputation among African operators and players, UK Numbers and its two draws are poised to make a significant impression across the continent’s diverse markets. This initiative reaffirms Kiron’s commitment to constantly enhancing the iGaming experience for its audience, shaping the future of the industry one game at a time.

Kiron Co-CEO, Steven Spartinos said:  “The launch of our new channel brings exciting news for lottery enthusiasts in Africa. It provides them with the perfect opportunity to win substantial prizes with minimal investments, catering to their preferences.

“With the 49’s draw taking place twice daily and the introduction of the brand new 39’s product occurring every three minutes, players now have an even wider range of options and greater chances of success across various market demographics.

“We have witnessed the tremendous impact that the right 24/7 numbers products can have in other markets, and we are confident that our new channel will replicate that success.”

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