LeoVegas Adds AI Messaging as Part of Safer Gambling Strategy

LeoVegas Group have announced the launch of a new layer of AI-powered messaging to scale-up the Group’s Safer Gambling offering.

LeoVegas Group is introducing new product-integrated, personalized onsite messaging to educate and inform customers about Safer Gambling tools and encourage them to set their own limits. Message content and the sense of urgency will vary based on the customer’s individual risk profile and historic behaviour, starting off as informative and educational, escalating to a more persuasive tone, as necessary. Messages appear in the premium space otherwise used to promote the latest campaigns and top games. This new feature is being rolled out as part of LeoVegas Group’s on-going strategy to develop sustainable customer relationships through the increased focus on Safer Gambling.

Customers in the UK will be the first to receive the onsite messages with individualised content based on their behaviour and risk profile, that educate and provide information on safer gambling. The messages, which appear in a premium space otherwise occupied by the latest games and campaigns, encourage, players to use safer gambling tools, thus building a more sustainable customer relationship.

“Offering our customers a highly entertaining experience in a safe environment is at the heart of everything we do. Using personalised messaging in the early stages of our relationship with our customers is the best way to drive engagement with our Safer Gambling tools and will continue to build more sustainable relationships. I am very proud to be using the premium space on our sites for this purpose”, said Gustaf Hagman Group CEO.

The messaging runs off data from the Group’s proprietary Risk Prediction model that uses AI to predict which players risk developing harmful gambling behaviour. At risk customers already benefit from personal contact with the LeoVegas Safer Gambling team via telephone, live chat, and email. The new onsite messaging will enable the Group to promote safer gambling to a wider audience and at an earlier stage in the customer relationship, with the aim of preventing problem behaviours from developing.

The new AI-based and product-integrated onsite messages will be introduced on all LeoVegas Group’s UK brands including leovegas.comPinkCasinoBetUK and 21.co.uk, before being rolled-out to other markets.

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