L&L Europe and BetBlocker Team Up for Dutch Language First

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Moving forward to a regulated Dutch remote gaming market it came to notice that there is no software available in the Dutch language that can be used to block gambling related websites. A massive gap that needs to be closed, according to Jan Wienk – Marketing Manager & Head of Product development at L&L Europe Ltd.

L&L Europe has been promoting BetBlocker to their UK customers since the UK charity first made their free application available to the public in 2018. Therefore, the first point of contact in order to find a solution for the gap was the charity’s founder Duncan Garvie. After some communication back and forth it was decided that both join forces to create the first gambling block application in the Dutch language.

The collaboration will see L&L Europe will provide resources to translate the BetBlocker website and application. Furthermore, L&L Europe will assist in making sure Dutch customers can get support in their native language.

Duncan Garvie, Trustee and Founder of BetBlocker, said: “The BetBlocker tool is useful for any player who needs help to manage their gambling regardless of where in the world they live. We have wanted to expand BetBlocker into other languages for a long time. However, the challenges of sourcing charitable funding limit our capacity to provide multi-language support and with the majority of our funding coming via the UKGC licensing system, that funding has to be targeted towards supporting UK players primarily.

“This new cooperation with L&L Europe is ground-breaking, allowing BetBlocker to support native Dutch speakers. It creates a sustainable strategy to allow us to reach Dutch users, something that we could not have managed without the support that L&L Europe have offered.”

Jan Wienk, Marketing Manager & Head of product development at L&L Europe, added: “Really looking forward to kick-off this project and enhancing an already proven safer gambling tool, recognised by the UKGC as effective support for problem gamblers as part of their recovery program. It is also great that further commitment to develop this product coming from Feite Hofman, owner of “Pas op met gamen en gokken”/”Be careful with gaming and gambling” offering his full support to this project.”

Feite Hofman, owner of ‘pas op gamen en gokken’ says: ‘A safer gambling tool like ‘Bet Blocker’ doesn’t exist in the Dutch language, as far as I know. I’m glad to deliver my part at this project, although we know that safer gambling tools are not the solution for gambling addiction. It will definitely enlarge the awareness about the risks of gambling too much.’

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