New Hampshire Lottery Partners with IWG for Mega Money Jackpots

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a prominent supplier of eInstant games to NASPL and WLA-member lotteries, congratulates the New Hampshire Lottery on joining the Mega Money Jackpots, a multi-state eInstant progressive.

New Hampshire Lottery introduced Jackpot Spectacular, its inaugural game in the Mega Money Jackpots linked progressive pool, to players in the Granite State on April 24th. This move aligns New Hampshire with Pennsylvania and Virginia, offering Mega Money Jackpots linked games.

Furthermore, IWG extends congratulations to the Virginia Lottery and its Mega Money Jackpots player for clinching a record-setting $5.8 million prize. This triumph establishes a new U.S. iLottery record for the largest eInstant prize.

Since its launch in July 2023, Mega Money Jackpots has minted eight millionaires over nine months. During this period, more than 240 players across participating lotteries have secured Mega and Minor jackpots exceeding $20 million.

The frequency and magnitude of these prizes underscore the thrill of IWG’s Mega Money Jackpots. To sustain this excitement, select eInstants from participating lotteries contribute a portion of sales to fund the two progressive prize tiers, with IWG managing the settlement of jackpot prize monies comprehensively.

Empowered by IWG’s InstantJackpots, the multi-state eInstant progressive jackpot operates seamlessly within IWG’s InstantRGS (remote game server), eliminating the need for development support from a lottery’s iLottery platform provider. Moreover, new lotteries can seamlessly integrate into the system, irrespective of their iLottery platform provider.

Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director at New Hampshire Lottery, said: “Our industry has a proud track record of collaborating across state lotteries. We’re excited to join Mega Money Jackpots and to bring the excitement of it outsized prizes to our players. We know that our contribution will further enhance the game for everyone involved, and we look forward to creating some new millionaires here in New Hampshire.”

Rhydian Fisher, CEO at IWG, said: “Kudos to the team at New Hampshire Lottery. By joining Mega Money Jackpots, collectively we can award even more million dollar prizes to lottery players. Not only is the game frequently creating new millionaires, but it has also been a leading catalyst for new player signups. Fingers crossed that some new millionaires will be created in New Hampshire very soon.”

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