Odds On Compliance Launches Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal for Sports Betting and iGaming

Odds On Compliance, a leading provider of compliance technology and service solutions for the sports betting and igaming industry, has announced the beta launch of its Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal. The portal aims to simplify the affiliate licensing process, offering sports betting and igaming affiliate marketers a more efficient and cost-effective means of achieving regulatory licensing compliance.

The Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal is a comprehensive solution that provides marketing affiliates with a centralized platform to access a wide range of licensing and compliance-related information. It also allows for the automation of application submissions, tracking and management of application status, and ongoing compliance with licensing requirements. Additionally, the portal offers access to a team of Odds On Compliance experts who provide support and guidance throughout the process.

The launch of the Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal is the latest of Odds On Compliance’s initiatives to provide innovative compliance solutions to the sports betting and igaming industry.

“At Odds On Compliance, we are committed to leveraging technology to make compliance easier and more efficient in order to help our clients achieve regulatory compliance while minimizing the impact on their bottom line,” said Eric Frank, CEO of Odds On Compliance. “The Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal is intended to shed light on the licensing process for affiliate marketers and is a key part of our strategy to provide the industry with the tools needed to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.”

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