Oyawin Enhances Nigerian Esports Offering through Abios Collaboration

Oyawin, a nascent mobile-centric sportsbook, has integrated Abios’s robust data and widget solutions. As an entity of the Kambi Group, Abios offers Oyawin a wealth of odds and statistics culled from premier esports matches and tournaments.

Nigerian esports enthusiasts now have the opportunity, through Oyawin, to delve into comprehensive statistics, live streams, and odds from prominent esports events, all accessible seamlessly on their mobile devices.

For some time, Abios has been the go-to data provider for 1337Pro, delivering critical statistics for top-tier esports titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Transitioning from its roots as a media platform, the organization now also encompasses a sportsbook solution, further solidifying its partnership with Oyawin, an esports betting brand accredited in Nigeria.

Harnessing the extensive capabilities of Abios’s product suite, Oyawin is poised to offer a holistic esports betting experience to its users in Nigeria. Their offerings are centred around elite esports titles like CS:GO, League of Legends, and VALORANT. By leveraging the full range of Abios’s portfolio, Oyawin can captivate its audience with enriched content, including player statistics, data visualizations, and integrated live streams.

Furthermore, the collaboration has empowered Oyawin with Abios’s esoccer solution. This addition ensures that fans have continuous access to compelling content, augmented by interactive widgets and uninterrupted streaming capabilities.

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios comments: “To support the growth of esports in Nigeria, we’re delighted to supply Oyawin with our esports odds, statistics and data visualisations. It allows Nigerian bettors to discover and get access to engaging content for the largest tournaments in esports.”

Jason Foster, Managing Director of 1337Pro Bet: “Abios data has powered 1337pro.com for years, from fixtures, statistics and results to live stream links. We have now extended this success with full odds and trading integration for Oyawin. The platform’s successful launch has given us complete confidence in Abios and our products. We look forward to delighting our sportsbook operators.”

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